Buy a soup maker and use it at least 5 times #101in1001 #27

I LOVE homemade soup. Actually, I love all soup that is flavoursome, New Covent Garden, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference etc. It is relatively cheap and has loads of goodness, so healthy too, win-win. I love a variety of different flavours, cauliflower, courgette, spicy parsnip – love them all.

I occasionally made my own at home but despite being delicious it was always a hassle and the kitchen was always in a state afterwards. Then a friend told me about soup makers. I didn’t even realise there was such a thing. Apparently, you just cut up the ingredients and throw them in, decide whether you want chunky or smooth and 30 minutes later it is done. Surely it couldn’t be that simple?

With some Christmas money from my Mum, I purchased a Salter Soup Maker (which was half price – a bargain!) and bought the ingredients for my first trial…..

The first issue was getting the blinking thing out of its box! It is like a big metal jug with a heating element at the bottom. The lid has the control panel, the motor and the blade attached and is pretty heavy. I assumed it was attached to the jug (like a kettle) but it is not connected at all. When taking it out of the box, I somehow (don’t ask me how) managed to pull both parts out, they came apart midair and I managed to drop them. One sore finger and bruised nail later. I was ready to start.

It really is as easy as chopping up the ingredients, putting them inside and turning the soupmaker on.


Remember I said the blade is attached to the lid, once the veggies are in you put the lid on and it is a little worrying wiggling the blade down through all the veggies trying to make the element on the lid touch the element on the jug but once that was done I used pressed smooth and the soupmaker began to heat up. After a few minutes, I heard the blade turn round and then stop. Worried again that it should have been going round constantly I then hovered over the soupmaker for a few minutes. After a while, the motor started turning the blade again.

30 mins later delicious Leek and Potato soup.
Ingredients: Leeks, potatoes, butter and vegetable stock.

Fantastically easy when you know how.

Bought all the ingredients for Mushroom Soup.
Mushrooms, Celery, Onions, Garlic, Leek, Stock.

Chopped up all the ingredients, put them in the soupmaker, nothing, de nada, no lights, no heat, nothing.

Checked everything, rang customer service, the representative asked a few questions and then advised I took it back to the shop. Grrr so disappointed.

Trying to salvage the situation I got the blender out, whizzed all the ingredients up and then heated it up. Yuk! None of the vegetables were cooked properly and it just tasted of onion. Everything was thrown away, very disgruntled.

New soupmaker,

Repeated yesterday’s preparation, and it all worked beautifully, the best mushroom soup I have EVER tasted.  Made two batches to freeze. Hoping that the soupmaker works next time!

Thinking I had it off to a tee this time, I started chopping the required vegetables for a Chunky Vegetable Soup recipe that came with the Soupmaker. There were FAR too many for the soupmaker. Took them all out split them in half and decided to do the soup in two batches.

The first batch went well, even though I blended it too much and it was more smooth than chunky. However, the taste wasn’t good because the ingredients were unbalanced. So I decided to make the second batch and mix them together. The soupmaker blew a fuse and didn’t work AGAIN!!! Going back to the manual it says to leave it for 5-10 minutes to cool down and wipe clean. It had been more than 10 minutes and was cool but I admit I hadn’t cleaned it as it was just the same ingredients going in!

Soup maker number 3

Given up on Salter and decided to try a Morphy Richards model instead.  This was to be the last chance! Or I would go back to my casserole dish and blender.

Glad to say since then I have been transformed and make soup regualrly, quickly and easily and I LOVE IT.

I have made Carrot soup, Butternut squash, coconut and chilli soup, Mixed vegetable soup, parsnip soup, spicy parsnip, pea and mint, LOADS of Leek and Potato (my favourite) and more!

The easiest is buying a bag of mixed vegetable from the supermarket and adding vegetable stock. It is great and so easy. Freezable too so well worth doing.

Why not try a soupmaker yourself!

Buy from amazon from THIS LINK and it’ll help me run this site.




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