Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I remember as if it were yesterday the day that you told me that I was going to be a Grand-Nanny. What a joyous day that was! I cannot believe that your announcement was three years ago. How time flies!

Isla is an absolute joy! Not only are you and your hubby the most AMAZING parents, but she has the most doting Grandparents too which has made her a content, charming and utterly adorable child.

What is even better is that you kindly chose my daughter to be her Godmother which after 30 years, links our families together officially.

You have had a tricky month or so, I am sorry to hear about your Grandma, she was a lovely lady. 2018 has been the most horrendous year, however, the news you gave me the other night has made me reevaluate the whole year. Yes yes yes, Isla-Bear is going to have a brother or sister!

I hope that you will stop feeling ill soon so that you enjoy your pregnancy.

We will be as besotted with the newbie as we are with Isla. I am sure that she will adapt to the mighty responsibilities of being an older sibling very quickly. What joy.

Your brother also has his own news. He and his lovely girlfriends are going to tie the holy knot of matrimony. The announcement was well overdue but now that it is official, I can sing from the rooftops and if I am really lucky may have to go out and buy a hat!

Thank you for your news. I am not kidding when I say it has made my year!

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I don’t often name the people in my Dear Friend series but Sophie has her own blog, Life as Mrs D and it is well worth a read. You can read lots about Isla and I am sure that Soph will be giving lots of pregnancy updates too.

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