Give 101 things to Charity #101in1001 #58

Give 101 things to Charity.

I loathe throwing good things away. As the children have grown, the amount of things / items / stuff that we have bought over the years is criminal, clothes, toys, consoles (which become obsolete as soon as you buy them). With few friends with children younger than ours to give the clothes to it is hard to know what to do with everything we have accumulated.

I don’t want to throw them away, especially as most things nowadays are plastic based (even clothes!)

Toys I cannot bear to throw away, we are fortunate enough to have a good sized attic so we can store a fair amount up there, any future grandchildren will be very lucky 😊. There is far too much though and we have to make room. So I regularly consider the various options I have for disposing of our things.

Sell them

Always on a budget the most ideal thing to do is trying to sell them. Particularly if the items are in great or perfect condition. There are various ways of selling things that I have tried over the years.
EBay is great but is a bain trying to work out all the postage costs.

Facebook selling can be good but the amount of times I have waited in for buyers not to turn up is very frustrating. The haggling gets me down as well. If I put something on facebook for £5 why does EVERYONE ask to buy it for less. Finally I get annoyed that buyers then have access to my messenger service.

Car boot sales are fun and are a good way to get a lot of things sorted out at once. The problem is when there are not many buyers at the sale.

All these methods are time consuming though and sometimes the best thing to do is box it all up and deliver it to a Charity Shop hoping that they can use some of it or sell in on and make money.

Charity Shops

It was VERY easy to get together 101 items, I have packed up many more than that. My favourite Charity Shop in East Grinstead is Cancer Research, reason being I have lost too many people to Cancer (which is also why I did the Sober for October and Race for Life) and secondly you can park near the back door so you don’t have to carry items through town.
I have chatted to a few people who kindly give their time to volunteer in Charity Shops and here are their top 5 tips.
1. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t give it. Many of the items they are given are unsellable because they are filthy or even broken, this doesn’t help the charity, it just gives the volunteers more work to do.

2. Some charity shops cannot take specialist items, for example furniture or electrical goods. Others especially deal in furniture (our red cross shop does). Make sure you know whether your chosen charity can take your goods. If not look around for one that does.

3. Don’t leave items outside the shop if it is closed. Not only can bags be tampered with (by humans, animals or weather) but it also causes trouble for the Charity Shop.

4. If your clothes are clean, even if they are ripped or unfashionable the material can be recycled and used. Just bag it up and label it ‘rags’

5. Finally, Don’t just drop your stuff and run for it. Make sure the charity has your details so that they can claim Gift Aid. This vital 20% that they can claim back from the government can make all the difference.

So do NOT throw things away, if you cannot give them to friends, or sell them, please let a charity take advantage of your discarded items.

To give 101 things away to Charity was part of my 101 challenges to do in 1001 days. To find out what my other challenges are click here. I would love to know if you can help me out with any of them.

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