My Plastic Free Struggle

My plastic free struggle.

I wouldn’t call myself an eco warrior, by any means, but I do like to ’do my bit’ for the environment. Long before Blue Planet, I have been aware of the damage plastics have been doing and the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. But I guess like for many others, the Blue Planet and the news that we only have a small windowto save what we have left of the earth’s resources has focused the mind somewhat in recent weeks.

 What is frustrating me most, is everyone’s ‘I’m all right Jack’ attitude. Although we are causing irreputable damage to the earth, any consequences won’t be felt in our lifetime so the consensus seems to be ‘why worry?’

A quick search on Google will advise little differences we  can make as individuals in our own home, changing to LED lightbulbs, switching plugs off at night, not running water while brushing your teeth, I have switched back to powdered washing detergent, we compost, save water, recycle,  the list goes on and I can honestly say that I try and do our best but I am always looking for new ways and new information.

In theory, we honestly need less ‘stuff’ nowadays. Instead of mountains of items, most people are happy with technology. A small device only a few cms long can house all your music, books, things to watch and communication. But that is another story (rant) and one that I shall save for another time.

Cars are more efficient and we are ‘moving’ slowly towards electric. Will that make any difference at all though now we have the bug for international travel? I grew up in the ‘80s when I didn’t know anyone who had been on an aeroplane, yet nowadays, holidays in the sun – just for leisure is the norm. Are we prepared to give holidays up to help preserve the places we are travelling too?

Of course; little things do matter and will help somewhat, but in the long run we need big changes to happen. The future MUST be brighter surely, children are being educated how serious the situation and scientists are working hard to provide solutions, supermarkets are promising they will change but I haven’t seen much evidence yet, we are at crisis point, but apparently our daily lives must be affected before big changes happen.

So why this blog? I am certainly not saying anything new. Except that I want to do more! I have so many questions about how to go plastic free (or as plastic free as possible), which products don’t harm the environment, what other adjustments can I make that, don’t cost the earth financially and don’t take up too much time. I read a blog lately about how to make my own toothpaste and deodorant, not only are the containers made of unrecyclable plastic but there is plastic in the actual products too! I haven’t the time for that, but would love to know if there is a feasible alternatives that fits with my busy lifestyle and tight budget.

Where can I find the find the answers?

While I am waiting for governments to wake up (foolish to believe they will have more time after Brexit) I am hoping that the blogging /web community can help. Give me some ideas, throw me a few weblinks. Oh, mydream would be to attempt a plastic free Christmas but I wouldn’t know where to start. There are probably a few ranty blogs posts coming as I attempt what seems like the impossible.

My plastic free struggle is real.

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