My 101 excuses about health and fitness

Oh Gee,

Looking at my list of 101 challenges and looking at the ones I have not completed yet it is easy to see which ones I struggle with most. It is absolutely everything on the health and fitness list.

I am OK with food and dieting, I am OK with giving up alcohol, but getting off my arse and actually doing something to get fitter is beyond me.

My friends dog walk, go to the gym, go jogging, cycling and even run marathons but why do I find it so difficult? I know I should be fitter and more supple but I feel 50 going on 80.

So many excuses. My B12 deficiency knocks me out for about 50% of the time, not enough time, always running the kids around, no money to join a gym, I am not an ‘outdoors’ person, the list goes on. The fact remains I am so unfit that even a brisk walk into town does me in for the day.

My grand idea was the wii-fit, gentle exercise in the comfort and privacy of my own home, but at home I have too much to do and on the odd occasion I look around and find I have an hour free I end up baking or blogging or wading through theatre invites.

Excuses excuses.

Left to my own devices I know I shall never get around to it, yet no-one is as unfit as me and wouldn’t go at me pace. Lose, lose situation.

The onus IS on me, I cannot blame anyone else, I just can’t motivate myself.

I HAVE started tap dancing since starting my challenge and I guess because I am slowly getting better each week it means that there is a small improvement in my fitness. However the onset of cold weather means my toes are seizing up and after a tap lesson they are REALLY painful. I only hope I can continue.

So another pointless blog, I would have hoped by now I could have ticked off even one of the 10 fitness challenges I have to do. I DO have until July 2020 but tick tock, if I haven’t even started yet I have a looong way to go.


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