My Plastic Free Christmas #1

When I first wrote about my plastic free struggle a few weeks ago, it seemed an impossible task to cut down on plastic and start to help the environment. The more I look into it, the more complicated it seems, but I take heart in that I am at least doing more than I was.

I wanted to attempt a plastic free Christmas, I was determined to buy experiences, consumables or recyclable products, again, not as easy as it sounds and I soon got disheartened. But then, I found a marvellous list on the Friends of the Earth website and it gave me a few pointers.

#1 Christmas Wrapping Paper:

I love this idea and shall certainly be trying it next year. This year I haven’t bought any new wrapping paper just used all the extra paper that I have accumulated over the years. I am usually fairly good with being careful that I don’t use too much and instead of my big black rubbish bag this year I shall be trying to salvage as much of the paper as I can. I think it will raise a few eyebrows 😊

#2 Bees Wax Advent Calendar.

Unlike a lot of my friends I don’t burn a lot of candles, I tend to use aromatherapy oils instead. However one or two usually come out at Christmas. Again, I haven’t bought any new candles and if I burn any, I shall use ones I have previously bought and will make a mental note to always buy Beeswax candles in the future.

#3 Use recycled cards.

Christmas cards are always a bone of contention in our house. Hubby likes to send them, but I don’t see the point of them any more especially now we are all digitally connected. I haven’t sent cards to local people for years preferring to personally WISH them a happy Christmas. Life is to short and stressful to write cards out not to mention the impact they have on the environment.

I DO however think it is important to send cards to those who aren’t online (for example the elderly) but only in there is news in the card (hence we often do one of those round robins). I will probably upset a few people here but it makes me cross when all a Christmas card says is ‘Dear So & So’ and then signed. What a waste of time, money and at a cost to the environment. Hurrah for donating to charity instead.

#4 Eco Christmas Trees.

I hang my head in shame here, because we always have two Christmas trees. A plastic one in the family room where we spend most of our time and a real one in the front room which is used for special occasions. The plastic one will be used each year until it literally falls apart and won’t be replaced. We haven’t bought our real one yet and I am contemplating not having one this year. If I do I shall make sure I get  one with the #FSC logo.

#5 Edible Christmas Decorations.

What a lovely idea… I tried, I failed… Made three batches of Gingerbread Cookies and they were all eaten immediately… ho hmm! I guess that we will continue to use our existing plastic ornaments until they break or get lost and then replace them with something eco-friendly.

#6 Eco Crackers

I haven’t (and won’t) buy Christmas Crackers this year but I am still looking for a festive alternative. I am trawling Pinterest for some nice crafty ones I can make and as we are now at 23rd December I am running out of time! Currently I am tossing up between Festive jars to open and making my own crackers but scared they will look a bit naff. Watch this space!

Thank you to the Friends of the Earth for these suggestions. So there you go 6 ways to work towards a Plastic Free Christmas, visit again tomorrow for another six ways.

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