My Plastic Free Christmas #1

When I first wrote about my plastic free struggle a few weeks ago, it seemed an impossible task to cut down on plastic and start to help the environment. The more I look into it, the more complicated it seems, but I take heart in that I am at least doing more than I was.

I wanted to attempt a plastic free Christmas, I was determined to buy experiences, consumables or recyclable products, again, not as easy as it sounds and I soon got disheartened. But then, I found a marvellous list on the Friends of the Earth website and it gave me a few pointers.

#1 Christmas Wrapping Paper:

I love this idea and shall certainly be trying it next year. This year I havenโ€™t bought any new wrapping paper just used all the extra paper that I have accumulated over the years. I am usually fairly good with being careful that I donโ€™t use too much and instead of my big black rubbish bag this year I shall be trying to salvage as much of the paper as I can. I think it will raise a few eyebrows ๐Ÿ˜Š

#2 Bees Wax Advent Calendar.

Unlike a lot of my friends I donโ€™t burn a lot of candles, I tend to use aromatherapy oils instead. However one or two usually come out at Christmas. Again, I havenโ€™t bought any new candles and if I burn any, I shall use ones I have previously bought and will make a mental note to always buy Beeswax candles in the future.

#3 Use recycled cards.

Christmas cards are always a bone of contention in our house. Hubby likes to send them, but I donโ€™t see the point of them any more especially now we are all digitally connected. I havenโ€™t sent cards to local people for years preferring to personally WISH them a happy Christmas. Life is to short and stressful to write cards out not to mention the impact they have on the environment.

I DO however think it is important to send cards to those who arenโ€™t online (for example the elderly) but only in there is news in the card (hence we often do one of those round robins). I will probably upset a few people here but it makes me cross when all a Christmas card says is โ€˜Dear So & Soโ€™ and then signed. What a waste of time, money and at a cost to the environment. Hurrah for donating to charity instead.

#4 Eco Christmas Trees.

I hang my head in shame here, because we always have two Christmas trees. A plastic one in the family room where we spend most of our time and a real one in the front room which is used for special occasions. The plastic one will be used each year until it literally falls apart and wonโ€™t be replaced. We havenโ€™t bought our real one yet and I am contemplating not having one this year. If I do I shall make sure I get  one with the #FSC logo.

#5 Edible Christmas Decorations.

What a lovely idea… I tried, I failed… Made three batches of Gingerbread Cookies and they were all eaten immediately… ho hmm! I guess that we will continue to use our existing plastic ornaments until they break or get lost and then replace them with something eco-friendly.

#6 Eco Crackers

I haven’t (and won’t) buy Christmas Crackers this year but I am still looking for a festive alternative. I am trawling Pinterest for some nice crafty ones I can make and as we are now at 23rd December I am running out of time! Currently I am tossing up between Festive jars to open and making my own crackers but scared they will look a bit naff. Watch this space!

Thank you to the Friends of the Earth for these suggestions. So there you go 6 ways to work towards a Plastic Free Christmas, visit again tomorrow for another six ways.


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