2018 Round Up

I hope that you are well and are looking forward to the New Year. Each year we write one of those ‘dreadful’ round robins to our friends and family, here is an edited version.

2018 has been a pretty defining year for us with some huge changes. The major ones being Charlie (previously known as Charlotte) studying and subsequently passing her A-Levels then leaving for University and Terry’s mum, Sheila, passing away in August. She is sadly missed.

The boys were also confirmed this May at Worth Abbey. It was a lovely service and very special to us because Sheila was able to attend.

With various swimming competitions already in the calendar, Charlie applying for a semester abroad and the boys studying for the GCSEs in May and June 2019 is already shaping up to be an eventful year for us. We also hope to go away as we missed out on a holiday this year. Watch this space.

I am at yet ANOTHER crossroads. I am still self-employed but gave up quite a lot of work when Sheila was in the hospital the first half of the year, but now that Charlie is now settled in Uni and the boys are busy studying, I’ll seek further part-time work in the New Year. I still do admin for several small companies, this is really flexible which fits in Joe’s crazy swim schedule and the occasional theatre trip but it is also quite inconsistent which can be frustrating.

Theatresoutheast is still going strong, I go to the theatre less often herself now (Mum’s taxi service is often needed) but I still manage about once a month. I have become quite an expert in swimming but I still refuse to get into the water myself.

Hubby Terry is still working in London for an environment and planning consultancy. On the weekend he helps out coaching a local under 16 football team. He still tries to play football as well for a group of football veterans. Time for little else!

A word from the kids


This year has been somewhat chaotic, everything is starting to demand commitments, which has led to a constant battle between school and swimming.

I have now a matter of months before my GCSE’s in the summer.
I have just sat the December mock exams and expect the result in the new year.

I made South-East Regional championships for swimming in November and placed sixth in the 16 year old category for the 100m Individual Medley despite being 16 for only a couple of weeks.

Next year, I hope to qualify in more events and achieve some better results.

Since the last time we sent a newsletter, I took up Air Cadets for a while but my time with them came to an end this year. With the air cadets I went flying and went in a glider which was a great experience. I also won the cadets national swimming competition for backstroke. I am sad to give up cadets but swimming is quite a commitment.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


This year has been particularly average for me. I haven’t done too much and have mostly relaxed.

I still play football twice a week and went to Copenhagen again this year with Dad. This year we came runner up in the finals! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play recently due a foot injury.

I enjoy playing video games in my free time although I study when necessary 🙂 I have just completed my mock exams and am awaiting results.

Christmas will be a nice break from the pressures students face, and I hope to approach 2019 with a positive attitude.


Happy New Year everyone. I’ve had an eventful year to say the least.

I’m now 19 and have just completed my first academic term at the University of Nottingham where I study Geography. In the summer I did my A Levels at Collyers College, achieving AAB, a result I was very happy with.

I have since received a college award for outstanding contribution which was incredible news to get.

Having lived in university campus catered accommodation for the past 12 weeks, coming home to mum’s/dad’s cooking is very appreciated and seeing old friends is lovely too.

Hope you all had a great 2018 too and see you in the new year:)

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