Out and About: In Nottingham

When I dropped Charlie off at University the most I saw of Nottingham was a retail park where we picked up a few last bits. I left and I hadn’t seen Nottingham at all.

We had our first opportunity to look around when we visited her during half term. Charlie, by now, knew the town centre fairly well (and naturally one or ten nightclubs) but she welcomed the opportunity to look around some of the touristy places with her family.

City of Caves

The first place we went to were the caves of Nottingham. The whole city of Nottingham is built on sandstone where people throughout history have hollowed caves. Even the town centre is built on top a  intricate network of tunnels linking caves together. There is now a Museum / tourist attraction which gives visitors a taste of the purposes that the caves have been used for over the years.

Safety hats are optional but as the roofs of the caves can be quite low in areas they were advisable.

The guide is knowledgeable and entertaining, he tells stories of how the caves were built, as the sort of people that lived and worked down there, how the caves changed their purpose over the years.

Half way through the tour, actors take over (sorry if that is a bit of a spoiler) first the tanner who lived in the caves during medieval times, trying to recruit an apprentice from the audience, and then a warden from the second world war who describes in detail how the caves were used as shelters during the war giving plenty of tips how to stay alive and anecdotes about what life was like in Nottingham during the war.

The tour lasts about an hour and was quite reasonable at £7.95 per person (concessions available).

Lunch at Bill’s followed. A fantastic meal and delicious desserts, and what a joy all the family being together again. Still on my Go Sober month, I could have a glass of wine with my darling girl but we had a delicious lemonade instead.

The Lost City – Adventure Golf

Time was running out by now and I really wanted to make the most of the afternoon with our girl. We decided to cut through the centre and go to the City of Adventure. A huge indoor crazy golf course! What a fantastic idea! Every crazy golf course I have ever been to, either in parks or the seaside has been made out of concrete, chipped and broken with poor quality clubs and balls.

Entering The Lost City is fun in itself, they have two eighteen hole courses. One is called the Sacred Skull and the other The Temple Trail, upstairs is a brightly coloured and welcoming cocktail bar when they hold classes by night.

We choose to do The Temple Trail which was based on Ian Indiana Jones adventure (love a bit of Harrison Ford). We were given good quality clubs and a brightly coloured ball, each a different colour.

The course was challenging but not impossible and it was a lovely opportunity to chat as we went around and catch up on all Charlie had been doing since she left for Uni.

All too soon it was time to take her back to University, it was hard once again dropping her off but satisfying to know that she is settled and is happy where she is.

It was our first day in Nottingham and a great first visit, we are looking forward to discovering more of what Nottingham has to offer.

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