Go vegetarian for a week #21

We had pizzas on Monday and as the pepperoni and chicken one was going fast and the vegetable one was going spare I tucked into that. I realised that I hadn’t eaten any meat for the last 24hours so better late than never I decided to tick off another one of my 101 challenges, to be meat free for a week.

To all vegetarians (and vegans) out there, I salute you! It is definitely harder than it looks. I LIKE vegetarian food, and in many cases, in a restaurant I would choose it. However trying to give a weekly plan variety and exciting is hard. Particularly when the rest of my family are such carnivores. I COULD persuade them not to eat meat but when they don’t like onions, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, squash etc etc, it gets a bit overwhelming trying to please every one. Face it there is only so many cheese or tomato sauce based things you can eat.

Breakfasts, obviously are easy, I always opt for cereal or toast if it is nice bread. Lunches were a mix of soups and sandwiches. I did go for a lunch to my friend as I had warned her in advance she served a wonderful lunch of Bruschetta, avocado and scrambled egg.

Evening dinners consisted of:

Monday – Vegetable Pizza

Tuesday – Cheesy Sausages (nipping out to the butchers last minute to appease the boys, couldn’t bear to hear the moans because my cheesy sausages had leeks in them.

Wednesday Stuffed Peppers – Delicious and all went down a storm.

Thursday Spaghetti Bolognaise, with a separate pan for myself with a quorn based version. Blerghhhhh how can anyone eat that stuff? This was the only ‘meat substitute’ I had all week and it was vile. I shall stick to veggies thankyou.

Friday – I took my daughter out for lunch at the London Road Bar and Grill, which I hope to write up one day as one of my 5 new local restaurants. I have a lovely vegetarian pasta dish. Lip smackingly good. For the evening meal we just did spinach and ricotta tortellini and sauce.

Saturday – We whipped up a vegetable curry, very nice.

Sunday – To finish the week off I made my own spinach and ricotta calzone which ALSO counts as a new recipe that I haven’t tried before. They went down very well, everyone else had ham in theirs.

It wasn’t hard to EAT the food, each dish was delicious but even after only a week the dishes tasted a little bland but I think the was more due to not being able to experience with new flavours. Time is a huge factor, time to plan, time to shop and time to cook.

More worryingly, by the end of the week I felt very weak and my mood was very low. Even though I deliberately took extra vitamin supplements I think the lack of meat affected my B12 deficiency. That would have to be something else to balance if I did this challenge again.

This was part of my 101in1001 challenge. The aim is to do 101 challenges in 1001 days. Read more about my challenges here.

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