There has been a slight hiccup!

I don’t really consider myself a blogger, I have no intention of perusing it as a ‘career’ or monetising it. I just enjoy blogging when I can, with no pressure.

This blog is a pleasure to write, when I have time. I have SOOOO many plans for it. Recording my 101 challenges, blogging about my plastic free struggle, uploading my holiday diaries, recording (reviewing) the books I have read and much much more.

I wrote religiously in a diary for many many years, and a blog seemed like an interesting progression to make, putting my random thoughts not on paper but… ‘out there’. BUT….

Half way through a very busy year, I looked at how long it was since I last wrote a post. I just haven’t had time to update my blog, things get in the way, work, then family, then home stuff, wanting to actually ‘do’ stuff rather than write about it and then, theatresoutheast, which is another story.

I try to take a little more seriously but because that is a more complicated site, it causes me a lot of grief (at time of writing it is down again) and I do wonder, regularly, that despite my passion for theatre whether it is worth it, particular when there are younger more dedicated and eloquent bloggers with far more time on their hands.

There is the issue of screentime as well. I am on the computer for nearly 8 hours a day at work and when I come home I want a detox, no screens and to live and love life.

I was reminded a few weeks ago that I have less than a year to complete my 101 challenges – Despite taking 6 months out last year to look after a relative, I HAVE completed quite a lot, a lot more that the 30% I have blogged about. But as I haven’t blogged about them, they are not ticked off – more undue pressure.

So this is just a quick note to say, I AM here, I DO want to blog, but you just need to be patient with me. One day I shall get around to finishing the 23 blogs in my drafts folder – yes really.

I have a lot to say about our recent Asian holiday but first of all I want to go back to March when Joe and I went to Berlin for the weekend.

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