Learn 5 new skills in Photoshop #101in1001 #62

Photoshop requires you to be creative and design savvy, two things I am not. I spent a year miserably failing in a photoshop based job. I think the only thing I learned to efficiently in that time was crop things correctly.

It was one of my goals to extend my knowledge, but it has not been easy.
1: Photoshop is expensivvvvve. Spare cash I have not.
2: Beginner’s photoshop tuition is expensive and you need to dedicate time to it. Time I have not.
3: There are lots of YouTube videos explaining various techniques but they rarely start from the very basics.

Instead of trying to explain myself about the things I have learned in photoshop which would be hilarious in itself, I have used a few BASIC photoshop skills on lots of my images on this website.

I am still NO expert, my examples are patchy and I maintain that I don’t have that ‘creative eye’ but I try and I enjoy learning new things so don’t judge 😊

It is a ‘thing’ of mine to have a new profile picture for every year. My 2019 profile picture contained a few of my new skills.

I cut myself out (1) and placed the cut-out on a plain and sunnier background (2). I changed the colour of the sky to make it more purple (3) and made my skanky bra straps disappear (4). Then I cropped the whole picture to shape (5)

I have learned other things too but thought this was a good example. Now to think of something special for 2020!

Feeling quite proud of myself but you only need to look at ‘proper’ design moguls to realise I have a LOT to learn.

While I am at it – Let me recommend my friend Katy’s Instagram feed – oh I aspire to having HALF her skills.

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