Blubbing like a Baby

Note: this blog was written back in June as we started our mega-holiday. I don’t like to publish things while we are away so I have a huge backlog of holiday blogs to get through. I hope that you enjoy them.

We have just arrived in Phuket (Thailand) for the first leg of our holiday. This is the relaxing bit where we get over jetlag before we go to Hong Kong next week for the main part of our holiday.

We had a 2 hour stopover in HK on our way here. It was there, on the plane on our approach to Hong Kong that it hit me… I am coming home.

As we entered Hong Kong airspace we were straining out of the window and watching the aeroplane camera trying to pinpoint where we were. Shatin became recognisable and then the all too familiar green mountainous landscape littered with tower blocks came into view – I lost it, I blubbed like a baby, on the aeroplane surrounded by passengers exhausted by their 13 hour flight.

I had NO idea it would affect me so much. My homecoming.

Having spent my twenties in HK, it was where I grew up, became an adult, became independent, became a wife, became a mother. Hong Kong gave me the very best of my life and the very worst, my life’s highs and lows – such a cliché ,but it is true.

I had planned lots of blogs about our time in Honkers leading up to our holiday but time hasn’t been on my side the last few months. I wanted to tell my readers about what it was like loving as an expat there, and about some of my adventures. I imagined arriving and being able to write about how things have changed over the last 16 years since we left like thieves in the night.

It seems that the feelings I have inside me haven’t changed. I realised on that Cathay Pacific flight, not how much I have missed HK, but how much I hadn’t allowed myself to miss it. How my feelings have been suppressed all these years. Unexpectedly and suddenly I had to make myself content with making a new life back in the UK. Looking after 3 toddlers and adjusting. So many adjustments.

I never got to say goodbye… but I am ready to say hello. Watch out Hong Kong I shall be with you very soon xxx

To be continued after our Thailand break….

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