Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

I thought this would be much more difficult than it was.

Life is humdrum when you are stuck in the same old routine. I rarely even get to Stafford and Stoke now let alone see my oldest friend in Somerset.

A holiday back to Hong Kong meant that I met lots of people I haven’t seen in twenty years. And it was good.

On our very first night we saw Sarah and her two daughters. Last seen when they visited the UK in 2013. It was a brilliant way to start our HK adventure. Unfortunately, we only saw them one evening as they flew to Canada the following day.

Jenny and Simon, we see semi regularly when they travel back to the UK. Last summer they came to stay with us which was awesome. It was lovely seeing them on their own turf.

Paul and Kellie, oh Paul and Kellie, how we have missed you! We started off as neighbours 23 years ago and we last saw you 16-17 years ago. We had a meal with you on one of our first nights and we were lucky enough to spend an entire day with you at your beautiful flat – love to Tali, Bailey and Paddy, your three adorable dogs and I hope that your new business goes well.

There was also my glorious colleagues, many of them last seen when I was pregnant! It was WONDERFUL to go out for a meal with Diana, Raki, Cherie (and her daughter Christie) Iris, Lilian and Yvonne, you are all as crazy as ever!

Pamela! Your generosity for allowing to use the football club as your guests was such added bonus. It was lovely catching up, just a shame we couldn’t see Henry and Jasmine as well.

Alison, Malcolm and Lewis (Max it’ll have to be next time) Great seeing you. Hopefully it won’t be too long next time.

Andy and Lisa! What a surprise bumping into you at the football club, 20 years is a very long time. It was lovely catching up. Lisa I am so pleased that you invited us to your beautiful studio. A really special time.

Boom! Challenge completed. I have high hopes for a college reunion in November as well #Watchthisspace.

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