Go to a recording of a TV Show #101in1001 #92

Last week I unexpectedly ticked off another one of my 101in1001 challenges, I went to Pinewood studios to see a recording of a TV Show, on this occasion it was The Mash Report hosted by Nish Kumar.

I have previously seen two TV shows recorded and enjoyed both the experiences. The first was QI, back when Stephen Fry was the host. It was about April/May time when the episode was recorded so imagine our surprise when we entered the studio to find they were recording the Children In Need episode to be aired in November. One of the guests was the late Terry Wogan which made it even more special.

I also went to see Loose Women, which was absolutely fascinating experience because It was live. It was great seeing the hustle and bustle behind the scenes of a live TV show.

The Mash Report was different again. The Mash Report is a topical news show filmed 24hrs before being aired. This meant the filming was fast paced and instead of filming lots of footage to be edited down (like QI) it was scripted and much slicker.

Tickets to be in a TV audience are free however they are very difficult to get. You have to bid for them in advance naming your chosen day. I have applied for several of my favourite shows, The Mash Report, Have I got news for you and Mock the Week but not been successful. I was at the theatre with my friend when she happened to mention she had a spare ticket going for the Mash Report and I jumped at it, particularly as it was being filmed on a Wednesday evening, the only evening in the week that I am completely free.

The week we went to see it was a particularly big week in politics which made the show more exciting. The supreme court had ruled that the proragation of parliament by our current Prime Minister Boris Johnson was unlawful, in the same week, questions had been asked of Johnson whether he had misused privileges and public funds when he was Lord Mayor of London to favour a businesswoman called Arcuri.

Nish Kumar the host of the show was very professional and absolutely passionate about his beliefs and yet is able to make the difficult topics humorous. In case you haven’t seen the show it involves Kumar spouting off  a couple of cleverly worded diatribes about the week’s politics. A couple of chats with special guests (this week they were comedians Geoff Norcott and Catherine Bohart) There are mock Newsreaders with topical headlines with a funny twist and although we didn’t get to see a monologue by the marvellous Rachael Parris, Trudy stepped in and was very funny.

It was a great experience, it only took just over an hour to get to Pinewood and if I get the chance to go again, I wouldn’t miss it in a heartbeat.

We saw Series 3, Episode 4 which you can see here:


I was so pleased to have another great experience for my fiftieth year as well as knocking off one of my challenges. Time is running short now – I had better speed up.

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