Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day #101in1001 #78

See a sunrise and a sunset on the same day.

Not much of a post this one – just logging that I have completed yet another challenge!

On a swim run I often see the sunrise particularly on a winter’s day. Capturing it as another matter.

On a recent swim run, my son and I were driving along in the dark and the moon was glorious. As we parked the sky was getting lighter so I decided to wait around and take a picture. The first picture was taken at Pavilion in the Park, Horsham. There are no filters applied, the sky was absolutely gorgeous.

The idea all day was to capture the sunset as well so that I could tick off my challenge. However by evening I had completely forgotten, I was doing the ironing in front of the TV when the time came to switch the light on. I gasped and ran outside.

I was just in time. We get a beautiful view of a sunset at the end of our road but I was just in time to go one better.

I grabbed my car keys, and my son, and we went to the edge of our estate which backed onto lovely farmland. From here we were rewarded with the most fabulous sunset, and so different from the morning one. Completely different colours. Again there are no filters used on this photo.

Both photos were taken on an iphone.

Capturing Autumn sunsets on clear days is magnificent and good for the soul.

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