What is going on?

This is the first time I have logged on in ages.

My poor blog has been forgotten in the past few months due to a VERY busy life trying to manage 4 part time jobs, burning the candle at both ends taking my son swim training, and trying but failing to nurture my theatre obsession.

Now most things have ground to a halt, there is a little time to reflect and put life into perspective, my 101in1001 things won’t get done – was that also too much pressure? Hopes and dreams have been dashed. Lives have changed forever.

It was only last summer that I blogged about my experience in 2003. It took me 17years to face my fears and write about SARS, I never thought that so soon after that we would be starting a new battle with a new invisible enemy.

I am scared and frightened although this time I do not want to be held captive by my fears. I shall keep as busy as I can and part of that MAY mean starting this blog again.

I have 13 – year 13 draft posts. I may even finish them (some will be backdated) I want to record my struggles and successes with this virus and most of all offload, I don’t expect people to read, but I do need an outlet. This is it.

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