A few rambling thoughts

A few rambling thoughts.

How is everyone doing??? Adjusting?

Trying times for all of us, particularly if you are physically active or always out and about.

I learned from our time during SARS is that social interaction is the most important. You will go stir crazy very quickly.

One thing that has improved since 2003 is digital communication. We can share a glass of wine, have a giggle and a chat, watch tv, movies together or even play quiz games but it might be on WhatsApp, FaceTime, zoom or Skype.

Instead of refreshing bad news pages and reading worse case scenarios. I suggest you connect. Choose at least one person a day, it may be your bestie or someone you never have time to ring. It may be a group of people and have a virtual party.

Be creative. Try a new hobby, create weird recipes for the strange ingredients that you HAVE been able to pick up, decorate, sort out the attic, take an online qualification, learn a language. Pick up that book you have always wanted to read. But at the same time it is very important that you take stock and grieve. You have a right to be angry, a right to be sad.

While you are stir crazy and working from home, spare a thought for the self employed, the people who have unexpectedly being made unemployed, the elderly and vulnerable, the people who have cancelled weddings, the people bringing their first baby into the world, the people who are STILL being told they have cancer, charities that rely on goodwill, the people whose lifelong dreams have gone up in a smoke permanently, I know all of these people and I am sure you do too. There are always people worse off than you. Working from home suddenly doesn’t sound too bad.

Controversial – also spare a thought for the exhausted politicians who despite their inadequacies and policies did not sign up for this during the election campaign. In this unprecedented situation, the only models they have that they can follow are the models from other countries that were made recently.

As for the virus. If we can beat self isolation we have half a chance of beating this.

As teenagers, our grandparents and great grandparents were asked to go to war to save the country.

Today’s teenagers are being asked to stay home, watch Netflix and chat to friends digitally. It is not so bad, just not what they are used to.

SARS changed my life forever. COVID-19 might change everyone’s lives.

To limit the damage, stay at home if you can. Connect. Be Kind.

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