East Grinstead Catholic Parish

Some of you may know that I upload the Church Newsletter onto their website each week. That was the full extent of my responsibilities until recently but with Churches unable to hold services, I have started uploading messages from our Parish Priest Fr. Jack and letters from the bishop’s etc.

Whatever your feelings about the church and its teaching, you must consider those (again often the elderly and the vulnerable) for whom the Church is very important. To attend was the highlight of the week. These faithful people rely on it for company, teaching, food for the mind & soul and comfort in their hour of need. For many this IS their hour of need and they are being denied it.

Particularly with Easter approaching (THE most important event in the Catholic calendar), it is important for people to know that the church has not forgotten them. I am not inviting negative comments and discussions about the church, its teaching and people’s individual faith. I am passing on a message.

If you know any Catholics in the East Grinstead area, please let them know that Fr. Jack is posting regularly on www.eastgrinsteadcatholicparish.com, many elderly don’t have access to the internet so a safe way that you really could help a relative or neighbour is to telephone them and read his blogs and news out to them.

Each time there is something new published. I can link it on my twitter feed @sammioneill, I can also set up a facebook group for those interested in new posts. Let me know.

Don’t judge… help.

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