Pandemic Musings

Hi there, fellow isolators!

How are you all doing, please please tell me all your news, either in the comments below or via messenger or email. I am loving catching up with people. It is rare that people have time on their hands.

The people I have spoken are reacting to our restrictions very differently at the moment. I see that some of you are working as keyworkers, some working from home, some furloughed, some bored and sharing all sorts of posts on social media, some are loving the extra time they don’t usually have and are using it to connect with their family, connect digitally with those far away and catch up with all those jobs that never get done.

Whatever it takes for you to get through this is fine.

The message still is STAY HOME if at ALL possible. I speak regularly to many friends who are in the care industry, all just waiting for the s*** to hit the fan. These are such worrying times for keyworkers. As you clap on a Thursday evening let it strengthen your resolve to keep everyone safe.

At the same time it is more of a struggle for many, it is easy to blame people for sunbathing in parks yesterday and not adhering to rules but I know that I am very lucky to have a garden. I certainly struggled more in our tiny flat in Hong Kong during SARS.

My controversial opinion is that craft shops and DIY shops should be essential services (online only?) so that people are able to keep busy. How off-licences are deemed essential, I shall never know! It just encourages people to drink more during these times. The NHS will be picking up the bill for drink related health problems and addictions for years to come.


I am still fairly busy, although I only worked at the hospital 2 days this week, I managed to infiltrate their social media – fame at last.

Also spent time working on the Church website, don’t forget to let me know if you want notifications of the homilies and letters that I put up, particularly over Easter! I have also been uploading some super images that students at Tobias School have been creating to represent the Stations of the Cross onto their Social Media.


I have been watching some online theatre, relieves my frustration but it is not the same is it? Already I long to be in an audience again experiencing it live. On Theatre South East’s Facebook page I am listing lots of shows you can watch, either for free or for a small fee that supports theatre in its hour of need.

We also joined in the Virtual Pub Quiz which takes place each Thursday Evening on Youtube, if you fancy joining in this Thursday let me know and we can put a chat together and compare scores. If there is a lot of quizzers out their I am happy to put together a zoom quiz night which would be a laugh.


Boring but satisfying, planted so seeds (please please grow) and we cleared out the utility Room which has been a dumping ground since we moved in 6 years ago. We threw so much away, hopefully we will use the extra room in the cupboards wisely. Aha! maybe by the end of this pandemic the house will be clean and tidy – I suspect not.


I am unfortunately doing an awful load of scrolling the ‘bad news’ pages on the internet, I am fascinated by the data and I am reading everything trying to understand it all but it is fruitless and I need to focus on something else during the next week. The first thing to go will be the 5pm briefing. I aim to catch up on the headlines later.

So what have you been up to? Get in touch.

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