After 3 weeks of Lockdown

Hello fellow isolators!

It is a couple of weeks since I have been in touch, how are you all doing? I hope that you and you dear ones are all well. It is great to see the curve flatten but I am sure you agree that albeit inconvenient we must continue to keep our distance.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything special to make it seem a little different to the rest of the week. We had lovely roast lamb and of course chocolate in the house after seven weeks of Lent 😊

I expect many of you are trying to juggle working form home and children, and others are so bored that the days are all merging into one. What are you doing to pass the time? Any tips?


I am doing a little work, but there isn’t much to do, so I am trying to spread it out. The hospital where I work as bank staff doesn’t need me at the moment as I cannot work from home and social distancing is difficult in our office. Thankfully it is not being used as a Covid-19 centre but it has taken on more cancer patients and other patients from the bigger hospitals.

But I am very busy, I have always been a list person and life has been on hold for the last three or four years due to work, theatre and swim runs. My list of things I want to achieve before the lockdown ends is VERY long. These things don’t bring in the coffers but it does keep my mind occupied.


Trying to catch up with friends and family digitally, Messenger and whatsapp chat are much better than lengthy text conversations, we have joined a few online quizzes and I hosted my first zoom chat with ‘the girls’ last week which was fun. Obviously not as nice as meeting up in person but it was the next best thing.


Some seedlings have sprouted in the greenhouse and now I am terrified that by re-potting them I shall kill them off.

Online theatre continues to be the next best thing to actually going. I have regular dates with the National Theatre at home and the Andrew Lloyd Webber series but am looking forward to Disney on Stage and Flowers for Mrs Harris (from Chichester) this weekend. All links are on the TSE Facebook page.


I have a lot of sorting out to do, cleaning, gardening and I may get around to crossing a few things off my 101in1001 list but I would hold your breath 😊

My 1001 days finishes in a couple of months and I have only done about 60% of the challenges I set myself (I have only blogged about 40%). Some things I CAN do at home, reading, sewing, cooking etc so I ought to get cracking.

Those who follow my list (I know a couple of you do) you will note that the ‘exercise’ section has not even been touched. Always the last of my priorities, I really ought to make the most of the exercise we are allowed to do but I have only left the house once this week and that was for essentials. There is no inspiration there at all. Oh dear.

Until next time xxx

Sammi x

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