Organize driving lessons for the boys #14 #101in1001

The 2020 coronavirus has changed everything hasn’t it? Moving, weddings, finances, working habits, the list is endless.

For the first time today I see that driving lessons have struck the headlines.

It is a horrible dilemma isn’t it? It would be impossible for driving instructors or examiners to stay two meters apart, and even if they wear masks, car would need to be disinfected between lessons / exams.

We were just on the brink….

I was determined be on the ball in regards to getting my boys mobile (would certainly help with the swim runs).

I booked the instructor a year in advance, and then reminded her with 6 months and 2 months to go.

Most importantly I bought a little car for the boys to practice regularly in, hoping this would help them to pass quicker. It is a tiny little Toyota Aygo and feels so much different to our Ford Galaxy to drive, the Galaxy is like a tank. We have named the Aygo, TukTuk.

Provisional licence was got two months before their 17th birthday.

I have been encouraging them to do online theory tests so that they can take their theory test quickly!

Their first lesson was actually on their birthday in October – how organised is that? They have each been having an hours lesson each Friday morning.

One has passed his theory and his practical lesson was booked and the other was due to take his theory when the coronavirus lockdown came and lessons were stopped and tests were cancelled.

This is really frustrating as it will take a few lessons to get back to speed. At the current time we are waiting patiently for news from the DVSA about when everything can commence again. We go out occasionally in Tuktuk but they will definately need to be fine tuned before a test.

So ‘technically’ as I organised the lessons, I completed the challenge however I would like to see my lovely boys pass. This is very frustrating for them.

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