My #101in1001 challenge 50% update

Day Zero Project

This is pants pants pants. First I had to take six months out of my challenge because of family problems, then money was a constraint, then my work increased so I had no time, and now… Covid!

I was destined never to finish these challenges.

I have until the end of July I can do some of the things at home, *watch this space* but chances are I shall be completing even less challenges than the first time. Ho hum.

Here is a record of ten challenges I have managed to tick off.

Completed Tasks – continued

Organise Driving Lessons for the Boys #14

We were JUST on the brink of getting the boys mobile when the c-word hit, frustrating to say the least. Read more

Eat Fruit Every Day for a week #25

I don’t know what I was expecting out of this challenge except to eat MORE fruit. Of course it is easy to eat it for a week. During the Coronavirus lockdown however I have been buying regular fruit hampers from our local Fruit and Veg man who has cleverly adapted his shop to suit the times. Instead of choosing yourself you get a specially selected sellection for £20. This means a lot more fruit and a lot more variety. Hi does veg too! Delish

Have a Pampering Treatment #38

To celebrate my the 50th birthday of my friends Gill and Karen we went for a Spa Day at The Reynolds Retreat in Borough Green. It didn’t take long to get there, particularly with five in the car chatting away (we met another there). I have a massage with was very nice, as was the lunch and lounging around the pool.

Clear up the Attic #41

This was a job and a half which would never have been done if it wasn’t for the Coronavirus lockdown. We are very fortunate that we have a huge attic which is boarded up, so it has been very easy to put everything up there, out of sight out of mind. The result being a heaving attic full of rubbish. It has taken weeks to sort out (literally) but I now have an organised attic which although isn’t empty

Sort out the Dining/Family Room #42

A job that took more mental energy than actual work, we didn’t give the room a complete makeover, just moved a few things round to make it more comfortable and practical. Read more here

Buy 5 Big Issues #61

Homelessness is a huge issue and I like to support Homeless charities when I can. Buying a big issues occasionally is something you can do if you haven’t got time to donate. The venders have to buy the magazines themselves so it is not a handout and they have to work.
We had a lovely girl who used to stand in our town precinct for years, always very polite and I always wondered what her story was. She used to travel from Croydon each day. She doesn’t come any more. I hope that she has has a hand up now.

Blog about my challenges and give at least 5 updates #70

This is my 5th update folks! For the others please see the links at the bottom of this post.

Go to an Awards Show #75

I have been to many theatre awards shows but not recently so I was delighted to attend the 2019 West End Wilma Awards hosted by my dear friend Ed. We had superb seats and really enjoyed the intimate atmosphere of the Café de Paris. There were very deserving winners and some fabulous entertainment from a variety of West End Stars. Cannot wait for the next, it is a definite diary date when the West End is up and running again.

Go to Stafford #85

Yes it took nearly the whole of my challenge to visit the town where I spend my first 24 years, but I just managed it before Covid struck. I don’t have much reasons to go that way now, especially now Mum has moved away. My son and I had spent a day in Sheffield at a swimming gala and I decided to break the journey up on the way home. We stayed with my wonderful friends (my second family) and had a wonderful evening. The following morning before leaving I took the opportunity to walk into Stafford to see how the old place had changed. It was very sad really the high street as I knew it was in a poor state with many shops empty, a new shopping plaza has been built near the river, which looks very nice but it was a the high street expense. I had a lovely catch-up coffee with a college and then left wondering what the next 20 years will bring to the town.

Watch an Air Show #93

I was expecting to go to Biggin Hill, Eastbourne or somewhere equally exciting this summer to watch an air show. We went to Eastbourne many moons ago and had a great day and so was happy to repeat it. Unfortunately Covid-19 hit and all chances of a air show seems very slim. Amazingly one came to our very own East Grinstead. To celebrate VE day and the celebrate the work that our Queen Victoria Hospital did in the war we had a Spitfire fly-past on Friday 8th May. We had a great view from outside our house and the plane circled for quite a while and performed a victory roll over the hospital. Ut was a very special day for our little town.

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