The ultimate ‘Me-time’

This is Covid lockdown week number 14.

Thankfully for most people now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Most workplaces are running with more opening up (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks, the amount of people you can meet is slowly increasing and cases are still falling so the risk of catching the coronavirus is lessening.

In the early days of this pandemic the first “lock down“ I was full of optimism that I would cope better than I did with SARS in Hong Kong.  I had lots of things to do planned, I had communication, I had my family all safe at home and, we have a nice environment to be in.

My children are thankfully now at a stage where they can occupy themselves so have been no trouble. I have been so incredibly proud of them, they have adapted in the most difficult of circumstances, their lives have been turned upside down and instead of being young adults, independent and social, they find themselves stuck at home for 24 hours a day with Mum and Dad. It hasn’t been easy for them, but they have coped admirably.

After 3 months of relative harmony and safety week 13 was the week I crashed.

I really struggled last week.

I found it hard when people excitedly chatter about the new normal working from home, starting to go to work again or are planning to in the near future. The bulk of my work won’t start again until September and I have a real sense of FOMO, socially and financially. I have found people’s endless chatter of take-outs, shopping, even holidays, quite frankly, wearing.

The situation has been made worse because a minor hospital procedure I have been waiting for has been finally scheduled, but in order for it to go ahead my household has to shield for 14 days. I couldn’t ask that of my family so I have decided to distance myself from them as well so that they can have the run of the house and can go out. It’ll be a tough few days confined to my bedroom and poor hubby evicted from the room.

The family have been home for the last three days anyway so my ‘total isolation’ only started today when they needed to go out. 11 days right… how hard can it be?

It puts things into perspective when I think of those who have been shielding for the last 14 weeks alone. Lonely and afraid. Kudos to you! I really hope that things improve and you get answers soon.

One day down and I must say I personally feel a bit more cheerier and optimistic. The cloud has lifted a little.

Day one I have spent, mending, watching West End Live, updating a couple of websites, and now writing this blog. It has flown by to be honest.

I am not the sort of person that gets ‘bored’. I can always think of things to do. Planning this four-walled vacation has been tough. I have a ZILLION things to do but they are all computer based. I really struggled to plan non-screen activities. I have picked up a travel kettle, I have books, sewing, a couple of new crafts to try but I am really hoping that my computer (and phone) won’t be my default activity over the next 11 days.

I do have 13 (yes 13) blogs in draft format, haha, do you think I could publish one a day? What a nightmare for my regular readers.

There are times when I long for ‘me time’, and this will be it! Will I savour it or will boredom push me over the edge?😊 ideas are welcome feel free to suggest stuff to keep me occupied and amused and keep in touch, that would be the sweetest thing of all!

Bye for now!    


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