Visit 5 Museums / Art Galleries #101in1001 #77

A least 6 have been completed. I am pretty impressed with that! A real mixture of places as well. We are so lucky living in a country that is so rich in culture and history. Taking the time to visit and learn is one of my favourite things to do.

Here are the places we went during the 101 challenges timeframe.

1. Hastings Town Museum: Hastings

Arriving early for a swimming gala in Hastings we had a couple of hours to kill, right next door to the pool is the Hasting Town Museum which not only looks really pretty outside but has a wealth of information about the town and surrounding area. Go and see the Dunbar Hall, it is very pretty.

2. The Old Operating Theatre: London

On a pretty disastrous attempt to visit Borough Market for a 101 challenge, we stumbled past this lovely little museum in Waterloo, just next to St Guy’s hospital. It is ACTUALLY an old operating theatre, and the adjoining rooms are filled with tales of how medicines were originally created and what they were for. Well worth a visit.

3. City of Caves: Nottingham

We had a fabulous time in Nottingham, what a great city! Who knew that the entire city centre was built on an intricate network of caves! Read all about our adventures here.

5. Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle

We had a great day at Arundel Castle, it is not too far from us and we were very impressed with the surrounding area too (and the fudge shop). We didn’t go into the castle on this occasion but were treated to a medievil enactment battle in the grounds.

4. Leeds Castle

To celebrate hubby’s birthday last year, we took a trip to Leeds Castle (in Kent – nowhere near Leeds). Like Arundel, Leeds is a stunning castle that was untouched by battle and maintains its beauty. While we were there, the staff were preparing for a wedding reception. What a marvellous place to get married.

6. Hong Kong Museum

We didn’t give the Hong Kong Museum enough time to see it all properly. A grand building which tells the colonies history. From the dawn of time (sorry, I have always found Geology boring) to the first inhabitants right through to the taking over by the British and the subsequent handover in 1997. There are sections about festivals, customs and economy.
A great place to escape the rain or HK heat.

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