A right old rant.

Waking up on my fourth day of isolation, I was in a good mood. I seem to have this isolation thing sussed. After an hour or two of work each morning, I have given myself plenty of tasks to do / learn and am spending time on each of them each day. I am catching up on my unfinished blogs and have started writing a few new ones, I am working on my 101in1001 tasks and working out which can be done indoors, I am sewing some Christmas decorations ready for the most festive tree in East Grinstead, I am watching things on TV that I don’t have time to see and trying to catch up with paperwork.

I even got an old keyboard down from the attic to see if I can learn a tune or two but the power cable was missing but the family went out and bought me a new one, I had better learn a tune now hadn’t I?

I am not the type to get bored, and I have a huge list of ideas growing in my head of things I could do.

But lunchtime came and I listened to the Prime Ministers speech.

We seem to be beating the Coronavirus, cases are minimal and society and the economy are all opening up again, lockdown is all but over. It should be good news, but I feel flat as a pancake.

Many are celebrating that their lives are back on track, they can go to the pub, go to McDonalds, Ikea, and cinemas, even go on holiday, I am happy for them.

I have chosen the wrong life path to follow. Everything that is dear to me is not on the list for re-opening. I have been spouting on my blog and on twitter long enough for you to know that my world centres around, a dance school, swimming pools and theatres.

None of which can go ahead at the moment.

I do understand we need to get the economy going and fast, particularly when there is a lull in virus infections. Some of these choices don’t make sense to me though. If I can sit across the table from someone and have a drink and a meal, why can’t my son swim up and down a swimming pool lane? If football matches can go ahead then why not ALL outdoor sports, many of which (athletics/netball) are none contact? If indoor sports are so dangerous then surely allowing groups inside to meet and socialise in a pub when people have ‘had a few’ is equally unsafe. The situation with reopening theatres I grant you is difficult. But there are plenty of Open air venues that can be utilised, they can be made as safe as theme parks. Why are indoor cinemas more important?

If we are in control of the virus – great let’s open up.

If we are not in control of the virus, some of the restrictions that have lapsed are very worrying indeed.

So, today’s isolation, not so good. My mind is spinning, I need to busy myself without getting caught up on social media getting upset and angry with those celebrating that they can go to the pub.

Well cheers….have one on me.

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