Sort and Play LPs #101in1001 #50

I first started to be obsessed with showtunes in the 80s. Being a teenager in the Midlands it was rare I visited the West End so buying cast recording and soundtracks became my hobby.

I collected as many as I could some new, some second hand. I built up a decent collection and played them constantly in my bedroom and had my own ‘songs from the show’ hospital radio show.

Then in the 90s came CDs so I started to buy those as well.

Then we emigrated for 8 years and all my music went into storage……

We arrived back in the UK 17 years ago and since that time my LPs have remained untouched, until lockdown.

I have wanted to dust the LPs down and rediscover them for the longest time (hence I put the task on my 101in1001 list three years ago) and this was the perfect opportunity. The turntable surprisingly still worked and I have had an amazing month sifting through them. There are some real forgotten treasures there.


1. The sound quality is not better, maybe it is the age of the records or the age of the turntable but streamed music certainly sounds crisper.

2. One side of n LP goes by very quickly. You cannot put it on as background as every few minutes you are turning the record over. I think in the 80s there was less to do so you actually focused on the music.

3. I must have really focused on the music, many tracks I played I hadn’t heard in 35 yers and yet I know every word, some pretty obscure stuff too.

4. Many many memories can be evoked by music. It was almost like going back in time.

5. I miss miss miss Dress Circle which was my favourite shop in the world. I ALWAYS visited when I went to London.

6. My taste of music is very niche and sent my family running to the hills (metaphorically of course). I do wonder about their rarity and value. Not that I want to get rid of them. It would just be for interest sake. Any ideas? And what do you do if you decde you Don’t want them…. Charity shops seem to be inundated and whereas they make sell classic albums, I am not sure my three different versions of The Sound of Music will be of much interest to anyone other than a musical theatre fan.

In a streaming world, my records have now been boxed up and put away again, hopefully it won’t be as long before they are dusted off again.

My vinyl albums are musicals are all sorted. We still have boxes of hubby’s LPs (80s stuff) and boxes of my father in laws too.  And then….. CDs. My work is cut out.

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