Light a Penny Candle | Maeve Binchy | Mini Review

Official Blurb

Evacuated from Blitz-battered London, the shy Elizabeth White is sent to stay with the O’Connor family in Kilgarret, Ireland, where she strikes up an unlikely friendship with the lively, boisterous Aisling O’Connor.

Neither of them were to know it would become the most important friendship of their lives. Their bond is unshakeable, enduring over turbulent years of change and chaos, joy and sorrow, soaring dreams – and searing betrayals . . .

With warmth, wit and great compassion, Maeve Binchy tells a magnificent story of two women, bound together in a friendship that nothing could tear apart – not even the man who threatened to come between them forever.

My View (no spoilers)

I enjoyed the most of this book, the characters were well composed, the relationship between the two girls Aisling and Elizabeth was beautifully written.

Londoner Elizabeth is evacuated during the war to Ireland to stay with the O’Connor family. The girls spend their youth together and when Elizabeth returns to London after the war, their friendship continues across the miles. The years pass, their lives change and they move in different directions until they are brought together once more. The bond created by Binchy between the girls is strong and believable.

Unfortunately, the book falls short in the final couple of chapters, in the process of finding a suitable climax to end the story the characters act out of keeping and the narrative changes. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a happy ending but even so the story finished with a change of mood that was not only surprising, it was disappointing.

All in all a lovely book written by Maeve Binchy but don’t rely on the ending.

☆ ☆ ☆

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