Learn 5 new things on Indesign #101in1001 #63

Indesign is a clever little programme created by the clever people at Adobe (those who made photoshop). It is what professionals use to create, posters, leaflets, newsletters etc. A very powerful package and I love using it. Saying that I get very frustrated that I only use a fraction of the functions that it has on offer.

I was first introduced to Indesign when I was covering a maternity leave as a temp job. There I learnt the basics but it was when I started using the package for my other jobs that I had the time to hone and develop further skills.

Since then I have recommended the package to my other clients and I use it myself frequently. I have made booklets, trifold leaflets, brochures, programmes, posters, adverts and even a pop-up banner or two. My difficulty is coming up with the design ideas as creativity has always been my Achilles heel.

In a single project you have to use several of the features so it is quite hard to pick out individual skills.  Generally I tend to use features to resize, merge and blend, using text, typesetting and

I use Indesign extensively for the majority of the featured images on this blog and on Theatre South East.  I am comfortable with it now but at the same frustrated as I know that there are many features that I could be using. There is always time to learn I guess.

You Tube tutorials are very good. I am always interested in any further recommendations if anyone has any šŸ˜Š

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