Read ten books suggested by friends #101in1001 #56

During my last #101in1001 challenge I vowed to read every book that my book club stated cover to cover. This meant I ended up reading some real dross. Another problem was that we had book club every six weeks so I had to complete a book during that time or I got behind. Later on, we stopped using the excuse ‘book club’ as very few of us read and we just socialise instead.

Instead for this challenge, I decided to read 10 books that were recommended by friends, hopefully meaning that they would be at least halfway decent. I don’t read very quickly (Only a few couple of pages per night) so I don’t want to waste my time reading things that are not appealing in a more manageable timeframe.

So I turned to Facebook and asked my friends if they could recommend books lots of suggestions came back many of them sounding fantastic. A few trips to the various charity shops in town and I soon had a small pile of books to read.

1. Lean In | Sheryl Sandberg.

Written by one of the bigwigs at Facebook this book was recommended to me by Phil. Phil knows me very well, a little too well and thought that this book would help me with a few life decisions and inspire me with a few career goals. Did it work? Read on.

2. Crazy Rich Asians

Oh my Goodness, I am going to love this challenge if my friends recommend books as good as this. Crazy Rich Asians was recommended by my friend Gill. She knew that I would enjoy it as I have spent some time in South East Asia myself.  Read more.

3. The Book of You.

A tense thriller about a stalker and his victim, the book was suggested by my glorious friend Emma. A great page turner but I admit I had mixed feelings about it. Read more here.

4. Why Mummy Drinks | Gill Sims

Thanks Cathy for suggesting this book! I really needed an easy read while I was doing a lot of hospital visiting and this was just the ticket. With very short chapters (set out in diary style) it was very easy to pick up and put down…But was it any good? Read more here

5. The Little Paris Bookshop | Nina George

This book was suggested by my lovely theatreblogger friend Michaela. It is an interesting read combining a love story, with a roadtrip boat trip down the Seine. Read more here.

Buy ‘The Little Paris Bookshop‘ here

6. The trouble with Goats and Sheep | Joanna Cannon

A lovely little book set in the sixties and seventies and accurately describes situations and attitudes of the times. I enjoyed the book but found certain elements confusing.

Read more here

7. The Handmaid’s Tale | Margaret Attwood

Oh my a trip into what really could be OUR future, a disturbing yet compulsive reading. Recommended by my friend Emma

Read more here

8. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine | Gail Honeyman

Mum recommended this book and although it was a tad far fetched, I loved it and found it un-put-down-able.

Read more here

9. Everything Everything | Nicola Yoon

Recommended by my bookish friend Zarina this was a delightfully easy read, short snappy diary style entries mean it can be consumed in one go.

Read what I thought here

10. Light a Penny Candle – Maeve Binchey

Easy to read and a beautiful story for the most part. Read what I thought here

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