My #101in1001 challenge 60% update

Day Zero Project

The first time I did a 101 challenge, I manged 60% of them, this time it is a miracle I have got as far as I have, the Coronavirus lockdown put the final nail in the coffin, although saying that, there was no way I would have completed them, I just wanted to beat the score from last time.

Neeeearly there.


Here is a record of ten challenges I have managed to tick off.

Completed Tasks – continued

Sort and play LPs #50

My precious Showtunes LP collection has been stuck in storage for 30 years. It was lovely to rediscover everything. Read about it here

Read ten books recommended by friends #53

It took me nearly the whole of the 1001 days and the task certainly wouldn’t be finished now if there hadn’t been lockdown. But here are the 10 books

Send an Anonymous thinking of you present #60

I always knew WHO I would send the present to, the question was what and would they find out? In the end I bought a simple consumable gift from Etsy and, fingers crossed, I hope they like it 🙂

Learn 5 things on Indesign #63

I use indesign pretty well on a daily basis now, it has been a learning curve since I first saw it in 2017. Read more here

No Screens for a Weekend #65

Always good to do this, even if it is just to prove to yourself how addicted you actually are! My May bank holiday in May 2019 was screen free. I was hoping to do it once more before the end of the challenge but not sure that will be possible

Visit 5 Museums / Art Galleries #77

Loved this task – Read more about it here

Go on a Boat Trip #83

Sampan ride on Aberdeen Harbour

Soooo many boat trips on our Holiday to Thailand and Hong Kong. Star Ferry, Ferries to outlying islands, Boat to go hunting for dolphins, and my favourite….a sampan ride in Aberdeen Harbour.

Go on Holiday and not cook once! #87

Dim Sum at City Hall, Hong Kong

Although I cooked a grand total of ONCE in Thailand the two weeks in Hong Kong was completely cooking free. We ate at restaurants, markets, with friends and McDonlads. My favourite was the Dim Sum.

A challenge with Heights #90

Don’t like cable cars at the best of times and I chickened out of the one to the Big Buddha opting to take the bus instead. I did however pluck up the courage to go on the one at Ocean Park on our holiday in 2019

Go to a theme park #98

Ocean Park Panda

I had completely forgotten that we had been to the West Midlands Safari Park with the boys and Mum at the start of this challenge, but hey ho. Ocean Park was far more fun.

You can find links to all my first set of challenges below

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50% complete

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