Back into normality – in this new norm?

In a previous post I explained that I recently had to put myself in isolate for two weeks so that a planned hospital procedure could go ahead.

It happened Tuesday (results better than expected – phew) so I am now able to rejoin the household again. Not sure that they are too fussed, they will just be glad to get dinners cooked again 🙂 To be honest, I shall be glad to get back in the kitchen after two weeks.

I didn’t get bored at all, I had plenty to do. In fact there were lots of things that weren’t touched. Time flew by.

The loneliness did get to me a little, occasionally the family would shout through the door and a few facetimes/zooms happened with friends but it wasn’t the same as having a face to face conversation.

My mind KEPT turning to all those in isolation because they are shielding – I am proud as punch for completing two weeks. These amazing people, not only have medical issues to contend with which make them more susceptible of the virus but they also haven’t have face to face contact with anyone for 16 weeks now. 16!

And the elderly, if they don’t have family or are not on the internet, this is their life! I cannot imagine. I couldn’t imagine not having Netflix / zoom / emails / digital news over the last few days, I cannot fathom being on my own permenantly.

I beseech you, reach out, contact someone, connect, just for 5 minutes. It will make the world of difference.

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