Back into water after a long dry spell.

Wah-hey finally finally, the government has announced that pools can reopen again after the Coronavirus lockdown. Leisure Centres can prepare to open from 25th July. This will be a godsend for many.

Leisure centres were told to close on Friday 20th March three days before the country was told to Stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS. We knew it was coming, but it still didn’t prepare us for the disappointment.

My son is a competitive swimmer, he lives for the water and in normal times trains several times a week. His trajectory was good and March was just at the beginning of the competition season he had been training all winter for.

The disappointment, the heartache and the dip in adrenaline when training stopped meant it has been a very tough lockdown for him.

He has been exercising (land-training) and in recent weeks attended open water sessions at the local reservoir but it hasn’t been the same at all.

Mixed with the elation comes concerns:
Will he have retained much of his fitness/technique?
Will he be able to gain momentum again to be noticed by Universities next year, particularly as this was the year to shine, next year he must concentrate on A-Levels?
Will the virus return to scupper training again? What would a localised lockdown mean?
Competitions won’t be held for a long time yet, so how will he be able to measure progress?

We won’t know these answers for some time. Until then we just need to get back in the water and swim.

Hopefully in time, we will get back to exciting galas and a happier mind.

EVERYTHING is crossed. Two more weeks.
Bring it on.


Note: I have spent many many days, sometimes very long days/weekends, at swimming galas with Joe. For this reason I am ticking off the 4th challenge in my #101in1001 series – ‘Spend a day out with Joe’. I was HOPING to either have a non-swimming day or an alone day with him (galas are very crowded and I am not poolside) but hey – with that and our trip to Berlin, I think I can be justified to tick it off.


😦 oh my ! How I blogged too soon. The elated feeling that life was getting back to normal was soon crushed as Mid Sussex District Council announces that it cannot afford to open its pools.

As pools open across the country yet this another blow to our local competitive swimmers who have already been struggling to cope with their sport being one of the last to kickstart.

A cruel blow considering the chlorine in the pool means the pool is probably one of the safest places to be.

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