Watch all Oscar Nominated films of 2018 #101in1001 #51

Definitely a task that wouldn’t have been completed without being in self isolation for 10 days. It took three and a half years to watch two of the films, I watched the other 6 in three weeks 🙂

As you know my true love is theatre, I much prefer live entertainment to screens, I don’t really watch TV at all. I rarely get invested in a series because it is unlikely that I will finish it.

I do like to watch films because they have a beginning, middle and end but don’t often get the time , my go-to is comedies or anything light-hearted hence this challenge, it was to take me out of my comfort-zone a little.

Thank goodness for Netflix.


A24. A Mission Films Production

A beautiful coming-of-age story with Saoirse Ronan playing the lead character of Lady Bird. Having a turbulent relationship with her Mum things come to a head for Lady Bird when she discovers boys and falls out with her best friend.


Fox Searchlight. A Double Dare You Production

All a bit bonkers but an absolutely beautiful film. Starring Sally Hawkins as a mute cleaner in a high security laboratory who discovers a highly guarded government secret, a scaly fish-man who lives in a water tank. She develops a string bond with the creature and will do anything to guarantee his survival.


A 20th Century Fox/DreamWorks Pictures Production

My kind of film, however it did star two of my favourite actors (Hanks and Streep) and was directed by Spielberg, and being a true story I was hooked from the start. The delicate relationship between government and the press lies in the balance once more. If one paper if barred from publishing a story (in this case the handling of the Vietnam War), should they bury their differences and work hand in hand with other to expose the truth.


Focus Features. A Working Title Films Production

I enjoyed this film far more than I thought. Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Winston Churchill during the early days of the war was thought-provoking. There were so many things that I hadn’t known before which tempted me to research further after the film. Churchill’s path certainly wasn’t an easy one and the choices (whether right or wrong) were agonizing.



Previously knowing very little about Dunkirk, it was fortunate I saw this movie the evening after ‘Darkest Hour’ which put the whole film into perspective. The Darkest Hour dealt with the politics behind the operation and this mega-movie dealt with with the human side, the sacrifice, emotion and bravery. It entwined many stories to make exciting yet disturbing watching.


Phantom Thread

Focus Features. An Annapurna Pictures Production

Probably my favourite of all the films seen for this challenge. Phantom Thread tells the story of the relationship between coutieur Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day Lewis) and his muse (Vicki Krieps) in the 1950s. They have an all consuming and turbulent relationship relying on control of each other.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Fox Searchlight – A Blueprint Pictures Production

Another film that surprised me, I wasn’t too enamored by the trailer which shows a lot of violence and profanity. There is a lot of this in the film but behind it all is a tragic story and a interesting look at human nature and desperation. I enjoyed the film a lot. Frances McDormand was incredible.


Sony Pictures Classics. A Frenesy Film/La Cinéfacture/Memento Films International/RT Features Production

The story about a young man in Italy coming to terms with his sexuality. The film has a beautiful backdrop of stunning Italian scenery. Quite good by a little meandering for me.


Universal. A Blumhouse Productions/QC Entertainment/Monkeypaw Production

When visiting his girlfriend’s family for the first time, Chris soon realises they aren’t what they seem. The first half of the film was very atmospheric and intriguing however once the ‘secret’ was discovered it lost its appeal.

Favourite to watch – Phantom Thread,
Least favourite – Dunkirk
Most worthy of the Oscar (in MY opinion) – Three Billboards

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