After 5 weeks of Lockdown

At this point in the lockdown I am not sure that being a ‘busy’ person is a blessing or a curse. I am the sort of person who never gets bored and I always have a never-ending list of things to do. During lockdown my lists have been out of control. A few things have been ticked off but not half as many as I would have liked.

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After 3 weeks of Lockdown

Hello fellow isolators!

It is a couple of weeks since I have been in touch, how are you all doing? I hope that you and you dear ones are all well. It is great to see the curve flatten but I am sure you agree that albeit inconvenient we must continue to keep our distance.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything special to make it seem a little different to the rest of the week. We had lovely roast lamb and of course chocolate in the house after seven weeks of Lent 😊

I expect many of you are trying to juggle working form home and children, and others are so bored that the days are all merging into one. What are you doing to pass the time? Any tips?

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Good Morning Isolators

Hello Isolators,

How are you doing? Genuinely interested, let me know – do you need anything? Are you feeling well? Please message, I am pretty busy still, but I shall get around to answering I promise.

It is so ironic, I have so many things on my to-do list that they wouldn’t get done if I was isolated for a year, however even without my usual shenanigans, my feet haven’t touched the ground this week.

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A few rambling thoughts

A few rambling thoughts.

How is everyone doing??? Adjusting?

Trying times for all of us, particularly if you are physically active or always out and about.

I learned from our time during SARS is that social interaction is the most important. You will go stir crazy very quickly.

One thing that has improved since 2003 is digital communication. We can share a glass of wine, have a giggle and a chat, watch tv, movies together or even play quiz games but it might be on WhatsApp, FaceTime, zoom or Skype.

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What is going on?

This is the first time I have logged on in ages.

My poor blog has been forgotten in the past few months due to a VERY busy life trying to manage 4 part time jobs, burning the candle at both ends taking my son swim training, and trying but failing to nurture my theatre obsession.

Now most things have ground to a halt, there is a little time to reflect and put life into perspective, my 101in1001 things won’t get done – was that also too much pressure? Hopes and dreams have been dashed. Lives have changed forever.

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