East Grinstead Catholic Parish

Some of you may know that I upload the Church Newsletter onto their website each week. That was the full extent of my responsibilities until recently but with Churches unable to hold services, I have started uploading messages from our Parish Priest Fr. Jack and letters from the bishop’s etc.

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My #101in1001 challenge 40% update

Day Zero Project

I finish this challenge on July 29th 2020 and absolutely horrified that I am yet to complete even half of the challenges. As I have explained though, life takes its twists and turns and you have no idea where it is going to take you, which can be part of the fun, but haha also a bit of a nightmare.

This has been a really fun section of the challenge because it has incorporated a HUGE holiday which helped tick off quite a few tasks taking me into the next update.

Looking at my remaining challenges – health, exercise and fitness has been and always will be my sticking point – heeeeeeelp!

Here is a record of ten challenges I have managed to tick off.

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How SARS changed my life | Hong Kong 2003

How SARS changed my life | Hong Kong 2003

I am still surprised how the flight to Asia unsettled me, I am preparing to visit Hong Kong tomorrow. Returning for the first time since we left 16 years ago. After 8 and a half years of making this magnificent city our home… we left, suddenly, not through choice and not realising our move would be permanent. Our lives changed forever in just a few hours.

We were settled and loved our life in Hong Kong. Nice modest apartment in midlevels, two babies who were thriving well and a toddler who had just got into a sought-after Kindergarten, life was good.

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Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

I thought this would be much more difficult than it was.

Life is humdrum when you are stuck in the same old routine. I rarely even get to Stafford and Stoke now let alone see my oldest friend in Somerset.

A holiday back to Hong Kong meant that I met lots of people I haven’t seen in twenty years. And it was good.

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Play Pooh Sticks with Isla. #101in1001 #8

Play Pooh Sticks with Isla. #101in1001 #8

I always count my blessing that we live only twenty minutes away from my happy place, the glorious Ashdown Forest in Sussex. Ashdown was one of the reasons we moved to East Grinstead many moons ago and since then I have always enjoyed our rambles through its wooded copses and over its rolling hills with my family.

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Dear Friend

I am so sorry that I don’t see you as often as I want to. Our lives are so busy and with 150 miles separating us, it is really difficult to make our paths cross. But you are one of those people that when we are together the years slip away and it is as though we are never apart. I saw you this week and it was so amazing, we could have chatted forever.

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