Holiday Diary – Our five centre Tour de France – ft. Canvas Holidays

August means holidays! We had an extended break this year as our drive to the South of France took a while but we had a fabulous time thanks to three very successful AirBnb stops ( we used AirBnb for the first time this year – contact me for more info) and Canvas Holidays who were instrumental in giving the kids a great holiday, they are already talking about next year!

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Visit Family in South Wales #101in1001

Life just flies by doesn’t it, with kids and their activities, shopping, working, busy on the house. We rarely have a free weekend. Scrap that – we never have a free weekend. There we were with a whole two days stretched ahead of us with…. nothing….in the calendar.

So we planned to do something I had wanted to do for a long time – go to South Wales to visit my relatives. I cannot remember the last time we went, it was sometime after my father died, but before I started my challenges, so probably about 4 or 5 years ago.

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Dear Friend


I have been blogging now for nearly 3 years, I am a small time blogger, but at least I know how it works and the pressures that it creates. Don’t want to make you cry again or dredge something up if you are having a good moment, but I have just read your cry for help on social media and felt I needed to respond.

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Watch a sporting event I have never seen before

Children are all consuming, we know that, babyhood means no sleep, toddlers keep you on your toes, and then just as you think things are calming down, they start gaining independence and their own ideas and before you know it you become their taxi driver and support worker.

Their hobbies and interests start taking over your life as well as theirs. Gone are the days where you took them to Jo Jingles or tumbletots for half an hour each week. But your little ballerina who twirled around in her tutu now wants to take on yet another dance discipline, your son who went to soccer skills each Wednesday for an hour after school not only has training each week but at least one match each weekend.

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Sometime this week I shall become a Grand-Nanny!

Sometime this week I am about to be a Grand-Nanny! And I couldn’t be more excited and proud.

No not a blood Grandmother, thankfully I am a few years (I hope) away from that yet.

It is funny how things work out. When I first left college in the 1980s, despite being under qualified I was very fortunate to obtain a job working as a Nanny for three wonderful children. When I began work, the eldest had just started school, the middle was at part time Nursery and the youngest Sophie was just 18 months old.

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Go to a Karaoke Bar #46 #101in1001

One of the reason I like karaoke is that generally you have to be in a good place and in a happy mood to sing. Singing, like dancing is a happy thing to do. I have held numerous Karaoke nights at my house over the years, first with SingStar on the PS2 and then progressing to linking YouTube and a couple of microphone up to the TV. The parties have always been fabulous fun with a lot of tipsy people.
But I had never been to a public Karaoke bar….

Singing in public – that’s a bit different.


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Organise Terry’s 50th Birthday Celebrations #101in1001 #22


This nearly didn’t get off the ground due to my usual amount of procrastination and disorganisation.

PLUS the fact when I first mentioned it, Terry didn’t WANT a party and he is a really difficult bloke to buy for (aren’t all blokes?) Discussions with friends and the children came to nothing, after all… do you go against his wishes?

So as the time drew closer to his 50th I began to panic!

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Race for Life – 2015 #101in1001

Having supported my 7 good friends as they trained and ran the marathon in aid of St. Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley, I wanted to do something too to raise money to help beat cancer and help eradicate this vile disease forever.

One of my 101 challenges was to take part in the Race for Life, but due to lack of confidence in my ability to even walk the 5k course I thought that I would leave this challenge until next year.

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Isle of Wight Festivities – 2015

So have you been to a festival? I was a bit of a late starter and it wasn’t until I was in was my forties that started going to the Isle of Wight festival each June.

This year was my fifth year – am I rock chick? Certainly not!

I am not even a big music fan, some of the other girls laugh at me and my lack of knowledge about the music scene – but I don’t care! It is all about the company.

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