Back into normality – in this new norm?

In a previous post I explained that I recently had to put myself in isolate for two weeks so that a planned hospital procedure could go ahead.

It happened Tuesday (results better than expected – phew) so I am now able to rejoin the household again. Not sure that they are too fussed, they will just be glad to get dinners cooked again 🙂 To be honest, I shall be glad to get back in the kitchen after two weeks.

I didn’t get bored at all, I had plenty to do. In fact there were lots of things that weren’t touched. Time flew by.

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A right old rant.

Waking up on my fourth day of isolation, I was in a good mood. I seem to have this isolation thing sussed. After an hour or two of work each morning, I have given myself plenty of tasks to do / learn and am spending time on each of them each day. I am catching up on my unfinished blogs and have started writing a few new ones, I am working on my 101in1001 tasks and working out which can be done indoors, I am sewing some Christmas decorations ready for the most festive tree in East Grinstead, I am watching things on TV that I don’t have time to see and trying to catch up with paperwork.

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The ultimate ‘Me-time’

This is Covid lockdown week number 14.

Thankfully for most people now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Most workplaces are running with more opening up (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks, the amount of people you can meet is slowly increasing and cases are still falling so the risk of catching the coronavirus is lessening.

In the early days of this pandemic the first “lock down“ I was full of optimism that I would cope better than I did with SARS in Hong Kong.  I had lots of things to do planned, I had communication, I had my family all safe at home and, we have a nice environment to be in.

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Organize driving lessons for the boys #14 #101in1001

The 2020 coronavirus has changed everything hasn’t it? Moving, weddings, finances, working habits, the list is endless.

For the first time today I see that driving lessons have struck the headlines.

It is a horrible dilemma isn’t it? It would be impossible for driving instructors or examiners to stay two meters apart, and even if they wear masks, car would need to be disinfected between lessons / exams.

We were just on the brink….

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Sort out the Dining / Family Room #42.

When I started this challenge 3 years ago, our family room (where we spend 90% of our waking hours) was a mess, really terrible sofas, ugly and uncomfortable and the table wobbly and unsafe.

Our family room is an extension off the kitchen and the most used room in the house. It is warm (due to the kitchen) and overlooks the garden which is lovely.

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After 5 weeks of Lockdown

At this point in the lockdown I am not sure that being a ‘busy’ person is a blessing or a curse. I am the sort of person who never gets bored and I always have a never-ending list of things to do. During lockdown my lists have been out of control. A few things have been ticked off but not half as many as I would have liked.

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