Go to a Dance Class #101in1001 #32

During my last #101in1001 challenge I had exactly the same task and I had a wonderful dance class organised by the cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in the West End. I must admit that I thought this challenge would be a one-off lesson again.

I have always wanted to try tap dancing lessons. It always looks so much fun. I have been trying to persuade the principal of Redhurst Schools of Dancing to run adult classes for ages but it is always difficult finding timetabling space.

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Dance in the Rain #101in1001 #89


Quite unusually in the U.K. we are having a FANTASTIC summer. With soaring temperatures and no air-con, this has proved particularly difficult for many. For a heat lover like me the only frustration has been I haven’t been able to get outside enough.

Where I live we have had no rain for two months and the usually lush countryside looks like the Savannah. Our garden is barren and our raspberries haven’t grown at all 😦 It has been quite quite strange.

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