My #101in1001 challenge 60% update

Day Zero Project

The first time I did a 101 challenge, I manged 60% of them, this time it is a miracle I have got as far as I have, the Coronavirus lockdown put the final nail in the coffin, although saying that, there was no way I would have completed them, I just wanted to beat the score from last time.

Neeeearly there.


Here is a record of ten challenges I have managed to tick off.

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My #101in1001 challenge 50% update

Day Zero Project

This is pants pants pants. First I had to take six months out of my challenge because of family problems, then money was a constraint, then my work increased so I had no time, and now… Covid!

I was destined never to finish these challenges.

I have until the end of July I can do some of the things at home, *watch this space* but chances are I shall be completing even less challenges than the first time. Ho hum.

Here is a record of ten challenges I have managed to tick off.

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Organize driving lessons for the boys #14 #101in1001

The 2020 coronavirus has changed everything hasn’t it? Moving, weddings, finances, working habits, the list is endless.

For the first time today I see that driving lessons have struck the headlines.

It is a horrible dilemma isn’t it? It would be impossible for driving instructors or examiners to stay two meters apart, and even if they wear masks, car would need to be disinfected between lessons / exams.

We were just on the brink….

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After 3 weeks of Lockdown

Hello fellow isolators!

It is a couple of weeks since I have been in touch, how are you all doing? I hope that you and you dear ones are all well. It is great to see the curve flatten but I am sure you agree that albeit inconvenient we must continue to keep our distance.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you do anything special to make it seem a little different to the rest of the week. We had lovely roast lamb and of course chocolate in the house after seven weeks of Lent 😊

I expect many of you are trying to juggle working form home and children, and others are so bored that the days are all merging into one. What are you doing to pass the time? Any tips?

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Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

I thought this would be much more difficult than it was.

Life is humdrum when you are stuck in the same old routine. I rarely even get to Stafford and Stoke now let alone see my oldest friend in Somerset.

A holiday back to Hong Kong meant that I met lots of people I haven’t seen in twenty years. And it was good.

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My 101 in 1001 Challenge 30% Update

I have just logged into the Day Zero Project website and I was shocked to discover that I am well over half way through my 1001 days!

I apparently have 480 days left until I finish on July 29th 2020.

So much for completing half of my challenges by now…..

And so much for writing a half way through post on Day 500, this will have to do!

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