#101in1001 Update – 40% done

Oh my, oh my, I only have 9 months to complete my 101 challenges in 1001 days and I am ONLY 40% through. A disaster! Although a lot of challenges are on their way I must admit some I haven’t a hope in completing, these challenges either need tweaking or replacing to become managable – heeeeeelp!
This is part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days project! You can see the complete list here Please help in any way you can – inspiration, guidence, or just encouragement – it all helps.

However on a positive note I HAVE completed another ten and they are all blogged about and here they are!

30% – 40% of tasks

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Go vegetarian for a week – #101in1001 #68

Don’t get me wrong, I like vegetarian food, I like it a lot. I just like meat as well, I actually admire vegetarians for their standpoint, whether their reasons are because of the animals,  health or because they don’t like the taste. I know that I could not be a vegetarian. But I wondered whether I could do it for a week…

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Kettners | A perfect pre-theatre dining experience in London

As I go to the theatre regularly I am usually juggling which train to catch and I grab a quick sandwich to eat on the train or if I am late, I eat on the way home. On the rare occasion I I do eat in London it is usually fast food on the hoof.

So when Official Theatre and Kettners asked me to sample a pre-theatre dining experience I was a little bemused not to mention delighted. A quick look at their menu on the Kettner’s website and I was sold – it looked DE-LI-CIOUS!

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