Buy a soup maker and use it at least 5 times #101in1001 #27

I LOVE homemade soup. Actually, I love all soup that is flavoursome, New Covent Garden, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference etc. It is relatively cheap and has loads of goodness, so healthy too, win-win. I love a variety of different flavours, cauliflower, courgette, spicy parsnip – love them all.

I occasionally made my own at home but despite being delicious it was always a hassle and the kitchen was always in a state afterwards. Then a friend told me about soup makers. I didn’t even realise there was such a thing. Apparently, you just cut up the ingredients and throw them in, decide whether you want chunky or smooth and 30 minutes later it is done. Surely it couldn’t be that simple?

With some Christmas money from my Mum, I purchased a Salter Soup Maker (which was half price – a bargain!) and bought the ingredients for my first trial…..

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My 101 in 1001 Challenge 20% Update

As predicted the first 10% was a lot easier to accomplish than the next, particularly when 2018 has been a disaster on the challenge front as well as the blogging front.

I am now ready with my next update for my 101in1001, I have finally reached 20%.

You can read my complete list of things to try and accomplish before July 2020 here. here.

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Dal Nanno – Restaurant Review

Dal Nanno, Crawley Down | Restaurant Review

Tucked away on a route through the village of Crawley Down is a little Italian restaurant called Dal Nanno (By Grandfather). Opened in 2013, I have been hearing for ages how good it is so to celebrate our daughter finishing her A-Levels we thought we would give it a go.

The restaurant is cosy, and extremely popular so the tables are cheek by jowl and instead of being atmospheric it is fairly noisy. However saying that, it is tastefully decorated and oozes Italian charm.

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Have a day out with Charlie #101in1001 #2

The most frustrating thing about my last 101 challenge and the most unbelievable to others is that I didn’t complete the following three challenges.

A: Spend a day with Charlotte
B: Spend a Day with Dominic
C: Spend a day with Joseph.

How in 1001 day can I not spend time with my children? By this I mean quality time. A day out with JUST them, doing things that THEY want to do. Separately. It just didn’t happen, not once.

So all three challenges went back on the list this time. Read my full list of challenges here.

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My 100 Happy Days – Days 81-100

That’s it, it is all done, and I must admit that the 100 days went by incredibly quickly. Almost tempted to carry on, however there are lots of other challenges I want to sink my teeth into.

If YOU have featured in one of my happy days, I truly thank you. I thank you for being there and I thank you for being part of my life.

I have truly loved the 100Happy Days challenge, it has been lovely finding something joyful in the mundane.

Here are my final offering days 81-100

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