My 101 excuses about health and fitness

Oh Gee,

Looking at my list of 101 challenges and looking at the ones I have not completed yet it is easy to see which ones I struggle with most. It is absolutely everything on the health and fitness list.

I am OK with food and dieting, I am OK with giving up alcohol, but getting off my arse and actually doing something to get fitter is beyond me.

My friends dog walk, go to the gym, go jogging, cycling and even run marathons but why do I find it so difficult? I know I should be fitter and more supple but I feel 50 going on 80.

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Go to a Dance Class #101in1001 #32

During my last #101in1001 challenge I had exactly the same task and I had a wonderful dance class organised by the cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in the West End. I must admit that I thought this challenge would be a one-off lesson again.

I have always wanted to try tap dancing lessons. It always looks so much fun. I have been trying to persuade the principal of Redhurst Schools of Dancing to run adult classes for ages but it is always difficult finding timetabling space.

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Watch a sporting event I have never seen before

Children are all consuming, we know this, babyhood means no sleep, toddlers keep you on your toes, and just as you think things are calming down, they start gaining independence and their own ideas and before you know it you become their taxi driver and support worker.

Their hobbies and interests start taking over your life as well as theirs. Gone are the days where you took them to Jo Jingles or tumbletots for half an hour each week. Now your little ballerina who twirled around in her tutu wants to take on yet another dance discipline, your son who went to soccer skills each Wednesday for an hour after school not only has training each week but at least one match each weekend.

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Race for Life – 2015 #101in1001

Having supported my 7 good friends as they trained and ran the marathon in aid of St. Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley, I wanted to do something too to raise money to help beat cancer and help eradicate this vile disease forever.

One of my 101 challenges was to take part in the Race for Life, but due to lack of confidence in my ability to even walk the 5k course I thought that I would leave this challenge until next year.

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