Visit 10 new towns #101in1001 #79

I WAS going to do ten blogs about the places I had visited but time is short so I am afraid that this is yet another roundup post. However very happy to answer any further questions about any of the places I visited and what I did. So feel free to ask away or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram.

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Visit 5 Museums / Art Galleries #101in1001 #77

A least 6 have been completed. I am pretty impressed with that! A real mixture of places as well. We are so lucky living in a country that is so rich in culture and history. Taking the time to visit and learn is one of my favourite things to do.

Here are the places we went during the 101 challenges timeframe.

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Out and About: In Nottingham

When I dropped Charlie off at University the most I saw of Nottingham was a retail park where we picked up a few last bits. I left and I hadn’t seen Nottingham at all.

We had our first opportunity to look around when we visited her during half term. Charlie, by now, knew the town centre fairly well (and naturally one or ten nightclubs) but she welcomed the opportunity to look around some of the touristy places with her family.

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