We are leaving & so is our PM

One political post from me was unheard of, let alone two.

We have a rollercoster situation for a while now where no-one knows what will happen. When it all settles down, we as a NATION really need to pull together and work together to make England and Wales work at home and abroad (don’t count on Scotland – they will go soon).

Question is, will we be able to work together? I mean really work and get the ‘right’ people in power to make it work? Or will we be looking for the next scapecoat to blame for everything not being peachy – the last scapegoat was the EU, will the next be this government, the next Prime Minister, the next government?

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I voted today – with my heart.

I cannot believe I am writing a political post!

I have just got back from casting my vote in the EU referendum and although I wasn’t surprised I am a little annoyed about how busy it was, there was quite a queue to get in at 11am!

Why was I annoyed? Of course I believe people should vote, people should care, it is our democratic right and we should use it! That is obvious. I am annoyed because when I last voted in the European Parliament elections I walked into the Polling Station and straight out with not a soul to be seen except some very bored officials. Only 35.5% of voters turned out in my constituency (35.6% in the country overall). It seems to me if more people had taken an interest in the EU and lobbied our EU representatives to petition on our behalf we wouldn’t be in this mess now.
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