Holiday Diary – Our five centre Tour de France – ft. Canvas Holidays

August means holidays! We had an extended break this year as our drive to the South of France took a while but we had a fabulous time thanks to three very successful AirBnb stops ( we used AirBnb for the first time this year – contact me for more info) and Canvas Holidays who were instrumental in giving the kids a great holiday, they are already talking about next year!

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100 Happy Days

This year I decided to try a little experiment. For 100 days I need to record something each day that has made me happy. Some days it is really easy and then other days I struggle to find something extra nice or unusual enough – and then sometimes I just forget to takes my camera.
You can follow my progress daily on twitter or Pinterest otherwise wait for the videos here are the first two.

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Breaking My Rules Already – Twitter Annoyances



Twitter has really made me cross today, so need to vent.

I did say that I wanted to keep this blog for my theatre musings and so I shall. But as my theatre tweeting and retweeting is spiralling out of control and is the main cause of this anquish I thought this post was justified.

I love twitter, I have said that before, and I do, but I do like to tweet everything, and retweet things, and comment, unfortunately filling up my followers timelines with a lot of things that they are not necessarily interested in.

I maintain 6 different twitter accounts – yes 6, on behalf of little local companies and friends, so I am quite used to swopping between accounts. That is not my problem. When I first joined twitter I should have set up several ‘personal’ accounts too. One to tweet about Theatre, one to tweet about health, one to play quizzes on, one for work , one for East Grinstead etc etc. All the things I am passionate about.

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The danger of entering Twitter Competitions and why I blog and not review

I love twitter, not sure I have mentioned that yet. I lurk a fair bit and post and retweet what interests or amuses me. Anyway lounging around on Wednesday night I saw a ticket agency @Shows_inLondon tweet that they had a competition for two tickets so see ‘Let the right one in’ at the Apollo Theatre – the only stipulation was that the winner had to go the following night. I nonchalantly retweeted.

Following morning I was working away when my phone beeped at about 11am to say I had won the tickets. What followed then was nothing short of panic!

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