Theatre Reviews 2019

I post all my Theatre Reviews on my sister-site but will post all my links below.

If you cannot find the review that you are looking for here, it may still be on Theatre South East but written by one of my guest reviewers. You should take a look 🙂

I am ALWAYS looking for new reliable reviewers to join my team, so if you love theatre and love writing, please get in touch.

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Theatre Reviews 2017

Oooops – what happened in 2017? Very little theatre reviewing compared to usual.

Well first of all I was working 7 days a week for a year so everything came to a natural halt and since then I have been taking stock and re-evaluating everything and although I hope to step up my reviewing capers again, I have to be more realistic about how I organise my time.

Nevertheless, I shall ALWAYS go to the theatre, and I will always like to share my adventures with my readers.

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Theatre Reviews 2016

I have had a change of reviewing habits this year. There has been far more regional theatre visited and less West End. There is a good reason for this as the choice of productions has been superb. Many of the shows I saw on tour ended up in the West End too, for example, No Man’s Land, The Dresser and Half a Sixpence. As usual, these are just MY reviews, I have many more written by guest reviewers on  so if you are looking for anything in particular, try there! Continue reading

I must improve my Blog – are you kidding? #101in1001

Blogging challenges….

Ok when do I stop working on this challenge?

Fact is, because I have been so hell-bent on this doing this challenge, most of the others on my 101in1001 list have been neglected. Blogging is the sole reason why I have, to date, completed less than half of my challenges. Oh well, I don’t care that much – I love it.

I can tell that you are confused. This blog that you are reading isn’t that great, I only post occasionally and in fits and starts, when I picked my challenges I did envision that Sammioneill was going to become huge and I was going to be the middle aged equivalent of Zoella. Hahahaha *kidding.

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Evita | The Dominion Theatre, London | until 1st Nov | Review

It won’t be easy, you’ll think it strange, when I try to explain how I feel……..

Evita opened last night at the newly refurbished Dominion Theatre in the West End. It was a glittering occasion, I was full of anticipation, after all Evita, in my opinion is one of the greatest musical theatre pieces of all time. I had seen it years ago and could not wait to see it again.

I must admit I am struggling as I write this, I did tweet last night when I came out that Madalena Alberto who plays the title role of Evita ‘sang her socks off’ which she did, however overall I felt that the production was very disappointing.

EvitaEvita has been on tour around the UK and has opened at for a limited 7 week run ending on November 1st with much of it’s touring cast. It tells the story of young Eva Duarte and her rise to notoriety as the mistress and then wife of Argentine President Juan Peron. She supports his through political challenges and becomes adored by the Argentine people until her early death from cancer aged only 33.

Unfortunately the whole show had a ‘touring’ feel to it. The Dominion Theatre is huge and this production of Evita struggled to fill it. I do realise that a show that is on for a mere 7 weeks but the cast rattled around a cavernous stage and although the choreography for the ensemble numbers was fantastic it was a little lost. A little more invested in the production would have made all the difference.

It is the supporting cast that saves the day in particular Ben Forster who played Magaldi, one of Eva’s stepping stones on her rise to fame and Sarah McNicholas as Peron’s Mistress both gave powerful performances.

Knowing the score of Evita fairly well, and having listened to the original concept album for most of the week I was confused by the edition of a new song by Evita shortly before her death ‘You must love me’. Unbeknown to me, it was added to the 1996 film and has been part of the stage show ever since. I didn’t feel that it added to the show at all, it dragged an already slow part of the show out even further.

The production lacked the passion and the heart that it has had in the past and relied to heavily on the iconic Lloyd Webber and Rice masterpieces to pull it through, unfortunately I came out of Evita feeling a little empty and although the tunes were whizzing around my head I couldn’t help wishing that I had managed to get tickets for the Miss Saigon Gala that was on the same night.

Still if you like a bit of nostalgia, fair enough, but if you are looking for something a bit more worthy of the West End, unfortunately I would recommend you would go elsewhere.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Theatre Royal, Drury Lane | Review

How excited was I to finally get the opportunity to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at what has to be my favourite West End Theatre thanks to the marvellous Official Theatre.

ccf3From the moment you step into the Theatre Royal Drury Lane you are reminded of chocolate mainly because the well chosen Cadbury purple is everywhere. You get the feeling that something magical is waiting to happen. As you take your seat there is excitement and expectation everywhere. The story is well known and loved and therefore people expect want to see it magically brought to life.

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