The What’s On Stage top 100 – and my top 10

When ‘What’s on Stage’ decided to publish their top 100 musicals of all time as voted for by the public I was very intrigued, for several reasons…

I wondered if I had heard of all of them, if I had seen many of them and of course whether I agreed with the list.

You can view their whole list here….The What’s On Stage Top 100 musicals of all time.

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Has the @westendproducer de-masked?

Whatsonstage article (April 1st 2014)

News today from What’s on Stage – I wanted to have my first experience o051c18_5fb53563bd574d28975cbd7301efba43.jpg_srz_p_180_135_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzf re-blogging today but apparently I can only reblogg wordpress stuff – fairnuff.

But take a read, of the article above

As you will see from my comment at the bottom….

Still wary…Need more proof. Why de-mask on April 1st?!? If it is true I shall certainly miss the mystery. I was one of your first followers @westendproducer and shall certainly still follow you Billy / West End Producer / other #dear and by the way – if that IS the end of the West End Producer – can I have one of your jackets?

@westendproducer has delighted those of us on twitter for months now with his hilarious tweets about the world of theatre / TV / other. His competition ‘Search for a twitter star’ and his book,  ‘Everything you needed to know about acting, but were afraid to ask #dear’ added to the mystery.

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Theatre Tickets

Theatre Tickets

As an avid theatre go-er I am often asked where do I get ‘cheap’ tickets from. No easy answer I am afraid. If there were, theatres would be full.

Saying that I try to grab deals where I can.

Most tickets dealers offer the same sort of ticket prices – you just need to watch the booking fees (a sneaky add-on when you get to checkout).

tktsFirst of all I advise you go to the  TKTs website to find out what current shows are roughly selling for. Tkts only sell on the day to fill theatres up but you can easily find out which seats maintain their full price and which you can get as a bargain. These prices are usually what you can expect to pay once you go ‘ticket shopping’.

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