Visit 10 new towns #101in1001 #79

I WAS going to do ten blogs about the places I had visited but time is short so I am afraid that this is yet another roundup post. However very happy to answer any further questions about any of the places I visited and what I did. So feel free to ask away or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram.


Just down from the road from us, it is criminal that it took us 15 year to get there. What a beautiful little town. Surrounded by hills and pretty little cottages and lanes it has the added attractions of lovely coffee shops, a castle and Anne of Cleeve’s house. Definitely shall visit again.


Spend a couple of days here as my daughter was considering the University. Again very hilly so you would get very fit her. We stayed in an AirBnB by the marina and I really loved the town, I am not sure it has enough goiing for it for the kids though.


My son was in a swimming competition here and we came early so that we could discover the town, Unfortunately we found it a little run down and tired looking but the museum was a gem and we spend a while in there.


Again this was another University option, we probably didn’t see the best of this town as the weather was atrocious when we visited. The shopping area was nice though and the University buildings looked magnificent.


Swimming competitions and a wander round for fun, two visits too uildford. I think the kids will remember the Krispy Kremes best though and a small Chinese Restuarant that we went to.


I have the feeling we shall get to know Nottingham fairly well as this was our daughter’s University choice. A great city with a fair amount of history. Read about our first day exploring here.


A nice day out (again another Uni visit) but we weren’t particularly impressed with the town, it has a nice shopping centre and nearby gardens but that was about it.


Another day another gala, We didn’t really see a lot of the town (very impressive pool though) but it seems nice enough. There was a lot of building work being done and a LOT of signage saying that the regeneration was funded by the EU. It is set in lovely countryside, I would like to see more of Sheffield.


Although I have been to the West Midlands Safari before, I had never been to Bewdley or Kidderminster before this challenge. No Mum has moved there, I am sure it will be more of a regular occurence.


Another beautiful town in West Sussex that i hadn’t been to before. We went into the castle grounds, into the town and into the Cathredral, saving inside the castle and the Lido until another day.

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