My #101in1001 challenge 70% update

Day Zero Project

A last minute flurry to get things done. My challenge ends next week on the 29th July and I am really happy with how it has gone….considering.

I have so far acheived 70 of my 101 tasks and trust me, many of those tasks would not have been done without the Coronavirus and being trapped at home.

It has mean however it was impossible to complete a few of the tasks but i intend to do them one day – as soon as we can move freely again.

Completed Tasks – continued

Day out with Joe #4

So so many days out with Joe, unfortunately most of them spent on the opposite site of a swimming pool or with other people. With my challenge deadline coming to an end though I have to tick off what I can. You can read more about our swimming exploits by following the swimming tag

Send 10 Birthday Cards through the post to arrive on time #9

I am RUBBISH at sending cards. I find them expensive, not eco-friendly and I am never organised enough, hense the challenge. You would think in 3 years I could organise myself to send 10! Without a last minute flurry while i was in isolation and changing the criteria to any greetings card (including Mother’s Day, a sympathy and good luck cards etc ) I wouldn’t have done it! I think they were appreciated though, one friend was so surprised that I received a gift in the post the following week! Maybe I should make the effort more often.

Throw three family parties / events #11

Confirmation celebrations

During these 1001 days there have been many challenges but also many reasons to celebrate including our daughter’s birthday (she organised events herself), my 50th (which was a whole year of celebrations also I didn’t actually throw a party). In the end I have chosen My brother-in-law’s 70th where we went to Jeremy’s restaurant for a fabulous meal, the boy’s confirmation which was a very small affair but the family were all present. Finally I have chosen Sheila’s wake, not a cause for celebration but a special poignant moment for the whole extended family.

Visit 5 local Restaurants not visited before #17

Gosh I was going to review these wasn’t I? Tick tock time moves on. I started well.
1. Jeremy’s Restaurant, Borde Hill: Review here
2. Dal Nonno, Crawley Down: Review here
3. London Road Bar and Grill, East Grinstead: I cannot believe that I hadn’t been here before Nov 2017 as I have frequented the restaurant several times now. The atmosphere is great, it has a great range of delicious cocktails, the food can be excellent but I have had a couple of below average experiences.
4. The Haycutter, Oxted: We went here after a lovely day spent at Petworth for my birthday. Trouble is we had consumed a massive picnic lunch and we weren’t particularly hungry. Needs a repeat visit.
5. The Fountain, Cowden: Simple but exquisitely cooks menu, we have now been here twice and it is a firm favourite.
Bonus restaurant 6: The Fox, West Hoathley, Went Christmas time with the family, too exhausted to review, but I remember it being pretty good hahaha.

Wishing all these restaurants all the best during this very difficult time, I promise when I am back working we shall return.

Go to Borough Market #26

One day I shall go to Borough Market either on my own or with a fellow foodie, but at least i got to go not once, but twice despite the experience not being what I’d hoped. Read more here

Make a Spotify Playlist of 101 of my favourite songs #49

Sounds easy right? I knew when I started it would be mainly showtunes but as I started to add general music that I liked or music that evoked memories the playlist got very disjointed. At the eleventh hour I decided to make it 100% showtunes and here it is. I mean to blog about my music choices sometime, but by then the playlist will probably be added to so will be out of date before it even starts.

Sort out passwords (again) #64

I hate passwords, I have 6 different jobs, all requiring dozen of passwords, not to mention my own for my websites, social media, finances, shopping blah blah blah. And of course criteria always changes, some require capitals, special characters blah blah. How MANY times do you need to reset passwords, often to what you THOUGHT they were in the first place. I HATE the job, BUT they are a lot tidier now. Grrr – until next time. (The above image is a joke btw – just in case you were wondering).

Make an item of clothing #54

I have been making masks in lockdown and was going to tick off this challenge with those, but I felt it wasn’t enough, getting back into sewing has been a joy, I have loved getting the sewing machine out again, hopefully I won’t look back, however still a mountain of mask to make, this IS 2020 after all.

Try a new craft #56

During our time in isolation, I have thoroughly enjoyed picking up my cross stitch again (helps with new glasses!). My daughter who is VERY arty has tried her hand to all sorts of things. Amigurumi, painting, dressmaking, crocheting, knitting, cross-stitch you name it, she even made an NHS worker out of flower pots 🙂 Anyway together with her help I tried my hand at making jewellry out of flowers and resin. Mine aren’t as neat as hers because they are a little lumpy and have air bubbles but it was great fun all the same!

Visit ten new towns #79

Loved this challenge but I didn’t think that I had done it until I check the locations of the photos on my phone… I am sad I haven’t got photos of Newcastle and Guildford because they were good days – ho hmm.

You can find links to all my completed challenges below

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