My 100 Happy Days – Days 81-100

That’s it, it is all done, and I must admit that the 100 days went by incredibly quickly. Almost tempted to carry on, however there are lots of other challenges I want to sink my teeth into.

If YOU have featured in one of my happy days, I truly thank you. I thank you for being there and I thank you for being part of my life.

I have truly loved the 100Happy Days challenge, it has been lovely finding something joyful in the mundane.

Here are my final offering days 81-100

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My 100 Happy Days #Days 60-80

The idea behind 100 Happy Days is simple. Take a photo or find an image of something that makes you happy for 100 days in a row. The idea is simple but sometimes the challenge is hard.

Here are days 60-80 I cannot believe how time is flying, however, I suppose that Christmas in the middle speeded things up no end.

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Make and decorate a Christmas Cake #101in1001 #23

When I was putting together my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days I needed inspiration from my friends. I asked on my Facebook page for suggestions and got a few really good ones (some not-so-good but we don’t need to go into that 😀 )

My great friend Julia almost at once suggested that I should make and decorate my own Christmas cake. I jumped at this challenge because I have never made a Christmas Cake before and have always wanted to. It would also form part of the 10 new recipes and although I didn’t look forward to the icing (I confess, I am not very creative) I thought it would be a fun challenge, particularly when my friend said we should ice our cakes together the week before Christmas! How Christmassy is that?!?

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My 101 in 1001 Challenge 10% Update

I can’t believe that I am 10% through my challenge in just over a month. Actually, I can, the last time I attempted a 101in1001 challenge I did exactly the same.

I ticked the one-off challenges quite quickly, pottered along with the midrange ones and then ground to halt near the end.

The idea behind 101in1001 is easy, set yourself 101 challenges to complete in 1001 days, they can be big / small / anything at all.

You can read my list of things to try and accomplish before July 2020 here. here.

So… My first ten challenges are listed below – it is going to get an awful lot tougher from now on…

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Don’t drink alcohol for a month #101in1001 #25

Ten years ago, to give up alcohol for a month would have been impossible. Little Miss Partygirl.

Now, I drink a lot less and I don’t drink at home now, only at social occasions.

Social occasions are few and far between now as well. We are all so so busy, even the notorious Bubbly club hasn’t had a meeting for a long time due to our hectic schedules.

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Give up caffeine for a week #101in1001 #29

In my last set of challenges I drank only water for a week, this was one of the hardest challenges, it wasn’t alcohol I missed, it was tea. I drink far too much of it, but I love it.

None of this namby-pamby flowery tea, Earl Grey, fruit teas or the like, plain and simple English Breakfast will do.

Fairly mid-strength, but I would drink it strong or milky quite happily.

Coffee? Yes, occasionally but tea is my drink of choice.

Here is the rub, it is quite normal for me to have 8 or so cups a day, even though there is not as much caffeine in tea as there is in coffee, this is still way too much.

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