My #101in1001 challenge 40% update

Day Zero Project

I finish this challenge on July 29th 2020 and absolutely horrified that I am yet to complete even half of the challenges. As I have explained though, life takes its twists and turns and you have no idea where it is going to take you, which can be part of the fun, but haha also a bit of a nightmare.

This has been a really fun section of the challenge because it has incorporated a HUGE holiday which helped tick off quite a few tasks taking me into the next update.

Looking at my remaining challenges – health, exercise and fitness has been and always will be my sticking point – heeeeeeelp!

Here is a record of ten challenges I have managed to tick off.

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Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day #101in1001 #78

See a sunrise and a sunset on the same day.

Not much of a post this one – just logging that I have completed yet another challenge!

On a swim run I often see the sunrise particularly on a winter’s day. Capturing it as another matter.

On a recent swim run, my son and I were driving along in the dark and the moon was glorious. As we parked the sky was getting lighter so I decided to wait around and take a picture. The first picture was taken at Pavilion in the Park, Horsham. There are no filters applied, the sky was absolutely gorgeous.

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Go to a recording of a TV Show #101in1001 #92

Last week I unexpectedly ticked off another one of my 101in1001 challenges, I went to Pinewood studios to see a recording of a TV Show, on this occasion it was The Mash Report hosted by Nish Kumar.

I have previously seen two TV shows recorded and enjoyed both the experiences. The first was QI, back when Stephen Fry was the host. It was about April/May time when the episode was recorded so imagine our surprise when we entered the studio to find they were recording the Children In Need episode to be aired in November. One of the guests was the late Terry Wogan which made it even more special.

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Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

Rekindle an old friendship #101in1001 #15

I thought this would be much more difficult than it was.

Life is humdrum when you are stuck in the same old routine. I rarely even get to Stafford and Stoke now let alone see my oldest friend in Somerset.

A holiday back to Hong Kong meant that I met lots of people I haven’t seen in twenty years. And it was good.

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Drive a different mode of transport #101in1001 #91

Driving an alternative mode of transport.

When I put this challenge on my 101in1001 list I had no idea what it would mean. A tractor? An offroad vehicle, an horse and cart? I wanted to keep the challenge open.

When I got a cash Christmas present from my boss, I didn’t want to bank it (such presents always get spent on groceries) I wanted to make sure I did something special. I looked down the Red Letter Day and Virgin experience websites and one thing jumped out at me. A Segway ride for two. I had never ridden a Segway and thought that it sounded fun and bonus! It would tick of one of my challenges.

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Learn 5 new skills in Photoshop #101in1001 #62

Photoshop requires you to be creative and design savvy, two things I am not. I spent a year miserably failing in a photoshop based job. I think the only thing I learned to efficiently in that time was crop things correctly.

It was one of my goals to extend my knowledge, but it has not been easy.
1: Photoshop is expensivvvvve. Spare cash I have not.
2: Beginner’s photoshop tuition is expensive and you need to dedicate time to it. Time I have not.
3: There are lots of YouTube videos explaining various techniques but they rarely start from the very basics.

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