My 101 in 1001 Challenge 30% Update

I have just logged into the Day Zero Project website and I was shocked to discover that I am well over half way through my 1001 days!

I apparently have 480 days left until I finish on July 29th 2020.

So much for completing half of my challenges by now…..

And so much for writing a half way through post on Day 500, this will have to do!

So where have I been? It seems ages since I posted anything on this site (my last post was 6 weeks ago).

I have stated elsewhere on this blog that 2018 was a really rough year. So the fact I achieved any at all during that time is a miracle 🙂

Since then, I haven’t been anyway really, just flying round after the kids, working hard and getting frustrated with juggling all my part time jobs. I have nearly a dozen half-completed posts but my steam keeps running out. I set aside time once a week to work on this blog but things keep getting in the way. Oh and a VERY guilty confession, we have subscribed to Netflix which doesn’t help my willpower at the end of a long day.

I am here, just running around like a blue a****d fly.

So how am I getting on with my 101 things to do? I should have done at least 50 by now.

At time of writing this blog, I have marked off 30 tasks as completed, and 14 in progress. In actual fact some of the tasks in progress are actually complete, I also went to Berlin last weekend which also completes number 86: Visit a foreign city not visited before,  I just haven’t had time to blog about them yet. Pending, pending, pending, everything is pending. Never enough hours in the day.

Completed Tasks – continued

Play Poohsticks with Isla #8

My favourite little person in one of my favourite places, what could be better? A lovely afternoon was spent in Ashdown Forest. Read about it here.

Cook ten new recipes #18

Always one of my favourite challenges. I love new recipes, I try them all the times but for this challenge, I wanted to use either new ingredients or new techniques. Read how I go on.

Go vegetarian for a week #21

different kind of fresh vegetables and fruits

So how did I fair on a week of cheese and tomato? No it was all bad, but it did have it’s downside. Read about my meatless week here

Buy a Soupmaker #27

Delicious Soup, warming, flavoursome and healthy, are soupmakers as good as they are cracked up to be? Things didn’t go to plan when I bought mine. Find out why here

Buy a Waterbutt #44

This challenge was a cheat, but I simply don’t care. Read about the day my lovely hubby completely finished a challenge for me as a surprise.

Do a Jigsaw #53

No need for a blog on this one. I am sure that you know the benefits of doing a jigsaw. It is relaxing and gives you a quiet space away from a phone or screen. I did lots of jigsaws for my first 101 challenge but time is more precious nowadays. Here, I was able to combine two of my favourite hobbies, jigsaws and theatre! It was a good jigsaw too, not as easy as it looks. The hair was a mare.

Raise or give £101 to charity #57

For me to go sober for a month wasn’t that hard being honest, but raising the money was a little bit trickier. Find out how I got on here.

Give 101 items to charity #58

Again, not that hard. But the ‘right’ kind of items can make all the difference. Read my top five tips here

My Month of Misery #68

A tongue in cheek way of looking at some grotty things that happened to me in October 2018 Click here

Stay on a Farm #84

Goodness me, it is funny the way things turn out. This wasn’t the way I expected to do the challenge, I had imagined something much more commercial, however, it was simply the best and something I hope to do again and again. Read about my very special evening here

I am here, I promise. I shall aim to reach my goal of 50 tasks before I have 400 days left. Do you think I shall do it?

You can find links to all my first set of challenges below

10% complete
20% complete

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